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rounded and a cultural fit for the organisation that awarded them a scholarship. The development plans include soft skill and emotional intelligence training to provide versatile incumbents for your business. By investing in the programme, the organisation will grow a cohort of individuals who will be work-ready to help it realise its future vision. Organisations will qualify for an 18A Tax Benefit Certificate, and by investing in the skills development of unemployed, previously disadvantaged youth in the form of bursaries to UJ students, the organisation will be able to add B BBEE points to your scorecard. 4IR Short Learning Programmes Technology is rapidly changing our economic, cultural and social realities, and the need to upskill the current generation and workforce for the Fourth Industrial Revolution remains a pressing issue for both industry and UJ. It is crucial to ensure that the South African workforce, whether from the newer more tech-savvy generation or older generation, has the ability and opportunity to continually learn and adapt so that they can apply new technologies in their industry sector and organisations.

UJ 4IR Talent Pipeline Project

Due to the impending technological changes across sectors, UJ develops Short Learning Programmes (SLPs) aimed at specific industries to allow professionals and employees to embrace new technology in their industry. Offered online or in a blended format, these SLPs are geared to teach new technologies in a way that is both engaging and manageable for busy executives, professionals and employees. UJ has already embarked on developed SLPs with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) for the accounting profession and with the Media, Information and Communication (MICT) Seta, amongst others. By investing in the development of SLPs for a specific industry, an organisation will be able to take the lead in skills development in your sector while ensuring that its workforce is future fit. For more information on how UJ can assist your organisation to

By investing in emerging industry talent through the UJ talent pipeline scholarship programme, organisations have access to future graduates who will be able to bring Fourth Industrial skills to their workforce. We encourage that students are selected for this programme through an informed recruitment process, with the help of the company’s HR division and psychometric testing, and to be groomed from their second year over the next three years. Only the students, as per the

organisation’s criteria, will qualify for this scholarship.

To ensure the students are fully embedded in the business’s culture and understand its strategy, it is vital that the students are nurtured into your organisational culture and long-term vision, with a structured programme that will include workshops, think tanks related to the future, design thinking interventions, vacation work and mentorship over the next three years. UJ’s Centre for Psychological Services and Career Development (PsyCaD) further work with organisations and the students to design and implement personalised developmental programmes to ensure that students are well-

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