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said Prof Ben Marx, Head of the Department of Accountancy at UJ, on the release of the ITC results in August. He added, “In an ever-changing, dynamic environment, our Accountancy@UJ team is always looking for innovative ways to teach and learn. Our programmes are distinctly focused on the development of well-rounded individuals by preparing graduates to be ethical and critical thinkers and innovative enablers in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” SAICA also acknowledges the significant role that UJ has played in the Thuthuka ITC Repeat programme offered to black and coloured candidates of all universities, with a pass rate of 66% compared to the national pass rate of 38%.

ITC exams, representing the second largest number of successful candidates of all residential universities.

Prospective Chartered Accountants (CAs) from UJ performed exceptionally well in the SA Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) ITC (Initial Test of Competence) test last June, coming out with an overall pass rate of 92.3% for 2019. This again confirms that UJ remains a leader in accounting education in South Africa. The ITC is the first of two professional examinations that candidate CAs are required to pass in order to register with SAICA as CAs, and the result tables compare the performance of all universities offering SAICA accredited degrees. The ITC is written in January and in June, to give candidates the opportunity to pass the SAICA qualifying exams. A total of 278 UJ students passed the 2019 SAICA

UJs ITC cohort also produced the highest number of successful black candidates (155 passed SAICA exams in 2019) of all residential universities nationwide. “The department prides itself as being at the forefront of the transformation of accounting education in South Africa. We are extremely proud to have been consistently producing the highest number of black students of residential universities in the annual SAICA ITC exams. As we contribute to the growth of the accounting profession, our key focus areas tie in with the national imperatives of addressing skills shortage and nation building,”

UJs CA candidates hit 92% pass rate in 2019 exams



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