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academic records. Graduates (and current students) can now send a secure electronic academic record to themselves or a third party, for example, a prospective employer (free of charge). The electronic academic record is an official document that is digitally stamped and signed by the Registrar. This follows on the introduction, in the recent years, of a qualifications verification system that enables its graduates to access their qualifications digitally (and share

of our successful students, but they are also the means towards an improved livelihood for more than 13 000 families, as well as for their communities and our society. It is important to celebrate the occasion and thus during the virtual graduation tribute, graduates will be able to take a graduation selfie (photo), in the graduation attire, while “standing around” virtually at the graduation ceremony. In a first for a South African university, UJ not only introduced a virtual graduation selfie application, but also electronic

with third parties or possible employers, also at no cost).

Matthew Slabbert: The most exciting challenge is not yet knowing

Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment Faculty Prize for the Most Prestigious Undergraduate Student for 2019

With the use of his degree, he hopes to pursue a successful career in engineering with opportunities in South Africa and abroad, while also paving the way to a better future with more practical solutions to real problems. “This

Matthew Slabbert says that one of the most exciting things to him is not yet knowing whether he can accomplish something. Slabbert is the recipient of the Faculty Prize for the Most Prestigious Undergraduate Student for 2019.

“One of the greatest attributes in life is your attitude. I believe that the attitude you apply to any aspect of your life flows over into the other aspects,” says Slabbert, attributing his success so far to a keen combination of his attitude and however much hard work it takes to get the job done.

degree also forms the basis of further studies, such as my



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