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WEBINARS Covid 19 and the Emerging World Order

The recent outbreak of Covid-19 and the global powers’ actions and inactions have ignited debates on the post-Covid-19 world order. While the current world order was already at a crossroads prior to the emergence of the pandemic partly due to the United States’ (USA) retreat from international affairs, “America First” posture, and the rise of the rest (China in particular); USA’s slow response during this global crisis has presented an opportunity for China to fill the leadership gap in the fight against the pandemic. This begs critical questions: Has the pandemic changed the world order? Has the USA global influence further declined? How has Covid-19 changed China’s global position? In light of the pandemic, what is

the future of globalisation? What is the role of the United Nations (UN) in the emerging global order? Will post-Covid-19 mark post-America

world? Will African regional powers such as South Africa and Nigeria play a significant role in post- Covid-19 world order?

Creating Tomorrow: The “Ethics in 4IR” Episode

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The future rules Ethics for the 4th Industrial Revolution Artificial intelligence, artificial life, deep learning. Social media, and big data, open data, personal data and data mining – all of these are fundamental building blocks for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). They’re exciting. They are powerful, and they are making their presence felt everywhere, which is what makes many fearful – and that’s before we even get to cyber warfare, hypercomputation and social media. And, even more recently, the potential inequities arising from Covid-19.



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