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A Busy May Mother’s Day, Graduation, and Doggos

May is going to be a pretty busy time for me. A lot is going on, and there’s so much I’d like to write about! With Mother’s Day on May 12, I want to start by writing about my mom. In the office, I get a few questions every now and again from people asking how she’s doing and what she’s up to, and I’d like to give a quick update on her. Mom moved down to live with my sister in late March. She’s gotten to a point now where she’s not able to take good care of herself, and with Dad still working during the day,

from high school. I know I’ve mentioned her graduating before, and we are very excited for her to take this next step in her life. She’ll start school at OSU (Oklahoma State) in the fall, which she’s excited about. Her sister Kaity will start her junior year in high school, and Grace will start law school in Austin at the University of Texas. Thinking about it now, this will be one of the last summers we spend together as a family before everyone goes off to school and lives their own lives. My girls are growing up and chasing their dreams — it’s awesome to watch.

“My girls are growing up and chasing their dreams — it’s awesome to watch.”

this was the best option for her and the rest of the family. We’re all pretty excited to have her back in Texas, where we know she’ll be well looked after. This year will be one of the first Mother’s Days in a long time that she’ll be in the same state as all of us. I don’t think my sister has any big plans to take her out on that day; Mom will still be getting used to her surroundings by the time Mother’s Day comes around. None of us are sure what that day will look like, but if I can make it down there, even to do a small celebration with her, I definitely will. With Mom in Texas now, Dad is going to clean up the house and get ready to move down in June, around the time Elissa graduates

When Dad comes down, my mom’s dog, Conall, is moving too. Conall is a 3-year-old Cairn Terrier and is originally from Texas. He was brought up to Alaska, though, to keep my mom company during the day while Dad was at work. Since Mom has moved back here, Dad is bringing him back. Instead of staying with my mom, dad, and my sister in Austin, Conall will live up here with us. My sister already has a rabbit, a tortoise, and a fish. We didn’t think adding a dog to the mix would be a good idea, so we decided we’d take him. We’re hoping the two dogs can get along well, even though Oliver is a bit skittish around other dogs right now. His first birthday is on the May 10, but I’m not too sure he’ll like getting a brother as a belated

birthday present. Even though it might take some time for them to warm up to each other, I’m sure that Oliver and Conall will be best buds before too long. I’m looking forward to more opportunities to spend time with my family this May, and I hope all of you have a great May with your families as well!

-Aaron Miller | 1

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