Bailey Instruments Ltd. has been supplying devices and instruments to the NHS and over 30 countries for over 30 years. We have been a leading supplier under NHS National Contracts and have brought new patented product innovations to the NHS via the Innovation Pathway.

All our products display:

• Customer led innovation giving the user and patient real benefits • Conformance to industry quality standards giving you the confidence and assurance that our brands deliver • Regulatory compliance ensuring UK and global manufacturing standards and processes are fully conformed to • Ethical manufacturing ensuring all employees in our global supply chain receive living wages, safe working conditions and responsible management practises • Value delivering the right balance between performance, reliability, safety and cost of manufacture. ®


Single use should give a manufacturer the opportunity to innovate in design. WHY?

SOWE DID This patented and unique design of nipper has a range of features to improve your experience and occupational safety along with a better treatment experience • Quality - 100% QC tested across 15 functions. • Ergonomic – lighter, silicone grip handles and ‘super cut’ blades requiring less effort • Ethical – produced under the requirements of the NHS Labour Standards Assurance System • Environment friendly – up to 40% lighter than conventional pattern nippers with less steel and packaging and able to be recycled for steel recovery to reduce environmental waste impacts • Internally sprung – less to go wrong and get in the way

• You don’t need to design for durability • You don’t need to design for autoclaving

Patent serial number: GB2507789


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