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O wners , D evelopers &M anagers By Lisa Cassidy, ecoImagine 6ways tomaximize your next B2B Marketing Campaign S uccessful marketing means getting in front of the right audience,


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the following six methods are sure to maximize the impact. #1 Know your audience. In order to connect with your audience, you need to be hon- est about who your audience is and what their preferences are. Start by getting answers to these not so simple questions. • What are the features of your best/most profitable cus- tomers and how can I find more prospects like them? • Where do your prospects go to gather information? Newspa- per? TV? Social media? Email? • What types of messages resonate with this audience? • What format do they like to

get their information? Video? Print? Word of mouth? • What are their interests or pain points? • What role do they have in the organization? • What motivates them to take action? #2 Focus on channels that yield results. Not every busi- ness needs to have a presence on Facebook to be successful. Before spending too much time trying to be everywhere, focus on the places your prospects go to get information. Then spend a few months measuring the value of the leads coming from each channel. If Facebook leads turn into customers, put more money into Facebook posts and ads. If Google Adwords yields better leads, invest there. Just make sure to put enough time and effort into each chan- nel before pulling the plug. Adwords, in particular, takes several months for ads to show up consistently. #3 Be clear, compelling and concise with your mes- sage. Resist the urge to go overboard. Your message must be clear (not confusing or filled with jargon), compelling (inter- esting or topical to your audi- ence) and concise (to the point), or readers will lose interest. We suggest testing multiple messages, while controlling for other variables, to see which approach is most effective. #4 Have a consistent look and feel. Create a visual con- nection with your audience. Everything should look like it is coming from the same company. The overall design should have the same look and feel whether it is the style of photography, font types or color combinations. The visual theme should be repeated across all channels. Visual consistency will help prospects remember you and is the key to looking organized and professional. #5 Create content for all the stages of the buyer’s journey. All content is not the same. In the early stages, a prospect may not yet be aware that they need your product or service, so creating awareness is more valuable to them then pricing, for example. Google is often the first place buyers go to research topics they are interested in learning more about, so it is important to have blogs, ebooks and social media posts available for discovery on relevant key words. continued on page 14A

w i t h t h e right mes- sage, at the right time. It is a process designed to ensure that all messag- ing and com- muni cat i on

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strategies are consistent across all channels and are centered on the prospect’s needs. While there is no one sure-fire formula to creating a successful inte- grated marketing campaign,

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