Housing Choices Australia Group - Annual Report 2020



Last year we started our journey to transform the resident experience, asking our residents and ourselves to re-imagine the ideal social housing landlord. We engaged with Wendy Brooks Consulting to assist us to clarify the vision. Using a theory of change methodology, we set our big picture goal and then worked back to identify all the conditions and outcomes that need to be in place and how they interrelate to each other, to achieve that end goal. So, what is our end goal? It was quite simple, we took our Mission and simply inserted the word ‘resident,’ right in the heart of it:                      Using a theory of change (see far right) has provided us with methodology to create a Resident Outcomes Framework. This Framework provides us with a steadfast anchor used to align business activities, not just in housing services, but right across the organisation to assist us on our journey to transform the resident experience. We know that by following our outcomes framework we will raise our residents’ aspirations about a social landlord. By doing this, we will inspire our residents to challenge us. I know that when we inspire our residents to challenge us, we will raise our aspirations for Housing Choices. It was a delight during our Business Roadshow to share this with our colleagues across the business. I am looking forward to working and seeing initiatives right across every department that are aligned to the Resident Outcomes Framework. Throughout this report, you will start to see stories of those initiatives.

Whilst COVID-19 put some of our best laid plans to sleep, it did not dampen our ambition to quickly pivot our focus and implement initiatives that aligned to where our residents needed us to focus the most – a resident centred culture. Prior to any legislative requirements, in early March this year, we and the world frantically responded to the impact of COVID-19. Housing Choices made three impact statements that were immediately adopted by our Board. This provided the authorising environment for our sta to get creative to how we would deliver services with the social restrictions forced on all of us as a result of the Coronavirus;

No resident would lose their home due to being unable to pay their rent as a result of COVID-19

Residents and their wellbeing will be supported through a modified service delivery response

The risk of infection in our buildings is minimised due to the activation of increased infection control measures

The amazing responses from the housing service teams across the jurisdictions we work in, has shown me when asked to be creative, creative our sta are! I am so proud of each and every front line sta team who rose to the challenge of ensuring residents received a friendly daily check in call, food parcels, information on COVID-19, online activities, and hardship grants to help with increased costs of home schooling or utility bills. These are just some of the initiatives implemented, all whilst many were working and juggling their own family needs at the same time. So, to each and every sta member across our housing services operations, I am so honoured to be part of your team, thank you so much.

You absolutely showed every day of every week, just what a resident-centred culture is.


Housing Choices Australia | Annual Report 2019-20

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