Housing Choices Australia Group - Annual Report 2020


Before Carly moved into her home in Newport, she had been rejected by hundreds of property inspections and applications. All her belongings were in storage and she was sleeping on a friend’s couch while her son Huxley was staying with his dad. “I was then connected with someone at St Vincent Care. And he told me ‘tough times don’t last, Carly, but tough people do,’” reminisces Carly. Carly jokes that perhaps this phrase needs to be printed and hung up on her wall. As Carly often thinks back to this when needing motivation in times of hardship. It’s now been three years since Carly and Huxley moved into their Newport home. Carly was the first resident to move into the newly built property, and she still remembers the smell of fresh paint when her Housing Ocer, Angelica brought Carly there for the first time. “When looking for properties, I didn’t even consider Newport because the median house price here is crazy. It wasn’t an area I considered feasible for me to look at. When I walked through the door, I cried. Hands to my mouth and I cried. It’s still quite an emotional moment when I look back at it,” says Carly. Although only 27, Carly has achieved a great deal through her perseverance and determination. Carly was 20 when she was pregnant with Huxley and received additional support through the Young Mums Program at the Royal Women’s Hospital.


Housing Choices Australia | Annual Report 2019-20

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