Housing Choices Australia Group - Annual Report 2020


   ¬ź         ¬Ě          ¬ź¬ź  ¬ź  ¬Ě We have encouraged residents to keep us informed of their wellbeing and any potential exposure or positive tests to COVID-19 so we are able to contain any cases should they occur. Our tenancy and maintenance teams, as well as contractors have kept on top of essential tasks by communicating clearly on required activities and changes to services. This has enabled us to maintain the best possible provision of service, under the circumstances without unduly exposing anyone to the increased risks.

The core COVID response team had been working together since the first week of March and since then a further two teams had been set up as the virus morphed, changed and persisted. We all knew this was probably going to come... eventually.

The three teams were:

The National COVID Response team, led by our appointed COVID Controller

State Response Teams

Groundwork Teams

The main COVID team had been meeting two to three times a week since March. In that time they had responded to the varying requirements as dictated by government and the virus. The team first worked on getting people working from home and other associated health and safety requirements and then moved on to positive tenant case response frameworks. The team developed multiple policies and procedures covering internal and external activities, including extra cleaning across our sites with a focus on high trac areas, common usage areas and high use touchpoints such as handrails and lift buttons. All documentation was hosted on a purpose-built internal digital platform (SharePoint) so all sta had visibility over policies and procedures and any communications that had gone out. This groundwork put the team into a strong position to respond calmly and methodically to the positive test notification. The meeting started at 6pm and the entire process was completed by 10pm.


It was late afternoon on a gloomy Melbourne winter Thursday. The day was bleeding into night as people started to switch o their computers and turn on their home lights. Then the call came, and the subsequent meeting invite ‚Äď one of our residents had informed us that they had tested positive for COVID-19. We had previously provided information to residents in our medium-and high-density sites asking them to let us know if they tested positive as we were there to help with isolation supports. Some of the team already had spoons in pots on stoves, but into the 6pm meeting they went.

Resident Feedback South Australia

Resident Feedback South Australia

Resident Feedback Victoria

Resident Feedback Victoria

Resident Feedback South Australia


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