Housing Choices Australia Group - Annual Report 2020


Reclink Lawn Bowls and other sporting activities. Reclink have provided residents with the opportunities to try and participate dierent sporting activities. OzHarvest The OzHarvest program currently has 51 residents registered to receive food donated each Saturday. MarionLife Confident budgeting course oered to residents to learn how to manage their money better. Campbelltown Council We held a joint Storytime to celebrate the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day. Bunnings Judging of our Resident Garden Competition and facilitating a garden workshop at the resident coee morning.

ACH Group Spence on Light development partner and presentation at the July Coee Morning.

Metropolitan Fire Brigade Presented at the August Coee morning.

Sturt Street Children’s Centre Six playgroups held in our Mellor Street Common Room.

Eastwaste Information session at skip bin day.

Mental Health Coalition Festival of Now.

Share the Dignity 50 handbags were provided to HCSA residents donated through share the dignity.

Mercury Cinema Subsidised tickets at their morning at the movies program.


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