Housing Choices Australia Group - Annual Report 2020


We are humbled to share Sharon, Dennis and Danielle’s story, with Sharon and her family recently finding home at one of our new properties in Latrobe. Sharon with her partner Dennis, and her 25-year-old daughter Danielle moved back home to Tasmania in August 2019. The family had previously lived in NSW but found that the 45-degree heat and dust was dicult for Dennis’ health. The move back to Tasmania also placed Sharon closer to her family. For seven months after moving to Tassie, the household lived in a caravan park. They first settled into a small cabin before moving into a slightly larger one. Danielle, Sharon’s daughter, lives with a disability and the bunk beds and steps in the cabin presented numerous challenges for the family’s needs. Danielle also became unwell and was hospitalised with pneumonia and a blood clot soon after they moved to Tasmania.

Sharon and her family were thrilled to be allocated a new home by Housing Ocer, Shane, in March 2020. The family have now moved into one of Housing Choices Tasmania’s new builds in Latrobe and the property is fully equipped to support Sharon, Dennis and Danielle’s needs. Both Dennis and Danielle’s health is now much better and Sharon is looking forward to setting up and decorating their home. The situation with COVID-19 has made it dicult for Sharon to buy some things for their new place, but she understands the need for everyone to stay home and stay safe. Although the pandemic has created some challenges, the family are enjoying settling in and getting to know their new area and community. Sharon and Danielle are enjoying walking at Bells Parade in Latrobe and feeding the ducks, who Sharon believes are enjoying the extra attention.


Housing Choices Australia | Annual Report 2019-20

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