Housing Choices Australia Group - Annual Report 2020


“Housing Choices Australia has significant experience in the SDA sector. The organisation takes a national approach to SDA service provision and has established a Specialist Housing Group with experienced, specialised sta working in this portfolio with a focus on delivering excellent SDA supports. The provider demonstrated a number of resident and family-centred engagement strategies and has a strong organisational commitment to continuous quality improvement. There is evidence of ongoing system and process investment and development. Finalised implementation of a revised complaints framework and operational processes were showcased and witnessed during this audit, with significant system improvements sighted.” “Housing Choices Australia complies with NDIS (Specialist Disability Accommodation Conditions) Rules 2018 in relation to supporting residents to exercise their choice and control. This is demonstrated by the multiple mechanisms and opportunities for residents to provide input into their own lifestyle choices as well as having a say in the operation and modifications of their existing dwelling. Given the ageing nature of a significant proportion of residents, there appears to be less demand for these lifestyle choices and more need for clinical supports related to ageing. Many residents in these [DHL] properties have had minimal contact and little opportunity to express choice. Many are still becoming familiar with the opportunity to provide input and understand these changes. HCA provided examples of engagement strategies which are intended to enable enhanced resident/family engagement and input. “

“Sta interviews confirmed resident rights are supported in daily support provision, including in making choices and decisions related to their own lives, to privacy, dignity and self-expression. Regular communication and joint meetings with partner SIL providers enable opportunities to discuss supporting resident autonomy, including privacy, choice and decision making.”

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