Housing Choices Australia Group - Annual Report 2020


Spence on Light is Housing Choices Australia’s new, 14 level apartment building located on Light Square in the Adelaide CBD. The entire development has been dedicated to the creation of quality, aordable housing for older people. The apartments oer social, aordable and accessible accommodation to older people as they age, as well as six apartments suitable for people living with a significant disability. The ACH Group will oer in-home care services to eligible older people living in the building. Residents of the building will be supported by Housing Choices' community development programs which currently operate from our head oce in Waymouth Street.

The building is named for Catherine Helen Spence, whose statue is positioned near the development site on Light Square. All apartments have access to balconies, with higher levels accessing spectacular views to the Adelaide Oval, Adelaide Hills and coast. The development has been well accepted, with 52 apartments already allocated to new residents, most of whom took up residence within one month of the project being completed. This presented unique challenges for the project and commissioning teams, who coordinated these activities between April and July of 2020. We are immensely proud to have been able to deliver this project on time and on budget, and crucially to meet these targets despite the challenges of COVID pandemic shutdowns.


Housing Choices Australia | Annual Report 2019-20

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