Housing Choices Australia Group - Annual Report 2020




The entrance, kitchen, bathroom and services are in fixed locations, but the bedroom and living area walls and joinery units are able to be dismantled and moved (by a suitable trade – not DIY) to give residents flexibility in room sizes and door locations. We anticipate that this will be facilitated by early tenant engagement sessions with post occupancy review to determine the success, make any changes required and take the learnings to use in future developments. The site frontage has been designed as a high-quality mixed-use space, incorporating quality planning into the street frontage, shared textured surfaces for both cars and residents’ play space, along with a vertical variety of vegetation such as mature trees and climbing creeper screens. As a multi-use shared space, the site frontage provides a quality outlook for upper floor apartments and allows for passive surveillance of the street. A variety of surface treatments to the car parking areas and play space create diversity and texture to the landscape. Trees dispersed between car spaces help make a shaded, pleasant multi-functional space for residents. The pedestrian site entry is framed by a low open fence with planting. Mature trees shade bench seats which are clustered around letterboxes for resident use. Planter boxes are incorporated into apartment windows and terraces to invite tenant engagement and the opportunity to personalise their home.

LGA: City Of Brimbank PERMIT STATUS: Building Permit issued, project under construction and due for completion January 2021. CURRENT YIELD: 7 x apartments across 4 levels 4 x 3 bed apartments 2 x 2 bed apartments 1 x 1 bed apartment

8 x parking spots

SDA is to be provided as follows: SDA High Physical Support Unit 1: Ground Floor Unit 2: OOA on Ground Floor Unit 3: First Floor (lift accessible)

Remaining 4 apartments are social/aordable housing

ENERGY RATING: 7.7 Stars (Green Star Rating)

The Gertrude St project has provided an opportunity to engage with the Monash Art Design & Architecture (MADA) to trial an innovative ageing-in-place design, that features flexible floor plans with moveable walls that are part of a kit design.

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Housing Choices Australia | Annual Report 2019-20

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