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I firmly believe that one of my responsibilities as a business owner is to give back to the community our firm serves. There is no shortage of ways to do this, but I also think we have a unique opportunity to support charitable causes that don’t receive the attention of the national or international media. That’s not to say that donating money to major charities isn’t worthwhile; it absolutely is. I just think the onus is on us to make sure that smaller causes don’t go unserved. As a lawyer, I’m in a unique position to identify such causes. A large part of my job revolves around understanding exactly what the law states in order to protect my clients, who are regular people, against large institutions like insurance companies and unscrupulous elder care providers. In doing this work, I often discover ways in which the law is sorely lacking. One of those areas, at least in Florida, is car seat regulations. For whatever reason, the state has pretty lax measures when it comes to car seats. These loose laws don’t serve anyone and lead to injuries that could be avoided. In our state, the law requires children to use a dedicated car seat from birth through age 3. It also requires that children use booster seats from ages 4–5. That may seem like it is sufficient, but safety experts would beg to differ. Cars are

just not made for child-sized passengers, and that’s especially true when it comes to seatbelts. An improperly fitting seatbelt is better than nothing for sure, but it is not enough to protect the most precious cargo of all. According to KidSittingSafe, an online blog devoted to car seat safety, requiring a booster seat for children through age 8 could reduce serious injuries by up to 45 percent. Most car safety specialists recommend using one for children up to age 12. Imagine how many tragedies we could avoid if the law made it mandatory. Even if the laws were tightened, many parents still could not afford to provide a safe riding environment for their children. That’s where we come in. We want to help provide the safest possible riding environment for the children of Tampa, so we’re sponsoring a free booster seat giveaway . Supplies are limited, but we intend to provide as many families as possible with these vital safety devices. To qualify, you only need to live in Tampa Bay and fill out a form located on the following website: Distasiofirm.com/ car-booster-seat-giveaway . All requests will be fulfilled on a first come, first serve basis. Our mission as a firm is “Making Communities Safer.” We do that in every way we can think of, from our daily work to special initiatives like this one. We’re a small firm. We may not have the power to lobby the Florida Legislature into writing better car seat safety laws, but we can

play our part in covering the gaps in the law and making the prospect of transporting young children a little less anxiety-inducing for parents. If you are in need of a booster seat for your child, we encourage you to head to our website and sign up for a free one. Nobody should have to decide between financial strain and keeping their children safe.

“Nobody should have to decide between financial strain and keeping their children safe.”



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