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your immune system. You can put them in a juice or shake and enjoy the sweet taste and health benefits. 4. Don’t forget to exercise! Exercise is important every season, but the winter makes it less desirable to be outside. Many of us become more sedentary in the winter. Unless you live in Colorado and go skiing, find ways to keep active at home. Hop on a treadmill or bicycle and develop a good fitness regimen. I recently learned that exercise stimulates more than 400 genes. Isn’t that incredible? When you’re very sedentary, those genes that keep you healthy are not stimulated. Exercise improves the brain, heart, lungs, and kidney function. Strength training improves muscle strength, which produces hormones and chemicals that keep you looking younger. From what I’ve observed, the stronger the muscles (within a health range, of course) the healthier the person. 5. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, too. Don’t underestimate the power of a good night’s rest. When you sleep, you produce melatonin, which restores your body. Get enough rest by creating a bedtime routine: Turn off all the electronics an hour before you go to bed and enjoy some relaxing time to yourself. Taking a bath is always a nice way to do this! Just be sure to moisturize after. Good food, good exercise, and sleeping well go a long way in maintaining your health. Beauty and health go hand in hand, so take care of yourself this winter and enjoy the beauty benefits!

While it doesn’t get too cold in our part of the world, winter still presents reasons to pay extra attention to your health. Here are some recommendations I give to my patients every year to boost their immune systems and stay beautiful all winter long. 1. I recommend that everyone get the flu vaccine. I believe in it. Some people don’t, but from a medical perspective, it saves lives. I’ve had patients who were hospitalized for 3–4 months and almost died because of the flu. It is worth it to take it seriously, and the flu vaccine can prevent you from getting it. Especially if you are planning to travel, go get the vaccine. 2. If your skin gets dry, your esthetician can recommend the right My Recommendations for a Healthier Winter 5 Things You Can Do Today for Your Health

moisturizer for you. In the cold air, your skin might need extra protection

from the elements. There are also a few

supplements that have biotin, and I recommend them to patients because they are good for the hair, skin, and nails. Then there are ceramides, which increase collagen buildup in the skin.


Ms. Osorio our P.A. giving Irma her flu shot

3. Especially around the holidays, eat less sugar. Don’t go for the sweets at the dinner table. The more sugar you eat, the more susceptible you are to illness. Decrease the sugar in your diet by adding in more vegetables and natural sugars from fruit. In the past, you had to wait until fruits were in season to find them in the store, but now we can get oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits all winter long. Go stock up! The vitamins will boost

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