Financial Architects - December 2018



FOUNDATIONS The Principle Our Firm Is Built On

Welcome to the first edition of our new newsletter! As you know, our team has always valued open communication with all of our clients, and we’re excited to have this new avenue to give you our take on the ever-changing world of finance. Inside, you’ll find some great insights on everything from risk management to recipes. Before you dive in, I’d like to offer a little insight of my own: how Financial Architects came to be in the first place. As co-founder and CEO, our firm’s history and character are very much entangled within my own. When I went to college in 1969, questioning the status quo was somewhat normal. As my career in the financial services business launched in 1976, the independence that had been part of my past continued as part of my core worldview going forward. In 1985, Turner Thompson joined me to start Financial Architects, Inc. Turner had been a mentor of mine from the beginning of my career. We felt strongly that we would build a company that would be independent and not a branch of a mainstream financial institution. We wanted to represent our clients, but that required autonomy.

one goal was just to survive. I’d like to say that we had full confidence in our success from the beginning, but it wouldn’t be totally true. Aside from Turner Thompson’s mentorship, all I had was a desk, two phones, and a bit more hair than I have today. If the garbage needed to be taken out, I was the one doing it. I’d never dreamed that this company would become what it has today. With the benefit of hindsight, I can say it was our spirit of independence that caused us not only to survive but to thrive. Almost everyone else in the industry had allied themselves with the big corporate players on Wall Street and the insurance industry. As the financial shockwaves of the turn of the millennium hit, we were very grateful to be untethered from those behemoths. Staying the course hasn’t always been easy. The draw of a major “brand name” national financial institution is something we continue to resist. You see, the only “brand name” we care about is yours: your name as our client. We exist to serve you in all aspects of your financial world by Empowering Financial Freedom® — your financial freedom. Fast forward to today, and I can happily say that we’ve grown in ways we all feel good about. It’s no longer just Turner

and me holding down the fort. Patrick Marody joined the firm in 1990, and Chris Cousins joined the firm in 2004. They became owners at Financial Architects, Inc. in 2018. We’ve got a great team of more than 30 smart, talented, and creative Financial Architects and support team members who span generations. They bring their own history and perspective to bear in a dynamic economy. The needs of our clients today are different than they were 30 years ago, but the challenges remain the same. As the year draws to a close and we look toward the future, I feel more confident than ever that our unique, freethinking approach gives us the grace and flexibility to empower your financial freedom. The one thing that will never change is our independence. After all, that’s what lets us put you first.

Here’s to all those who stood with us along the way,

–Ken Grace

It’s strange to admit, but when I formed Financial Architects in 1985, our number



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