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This time of year, I always marvel at how time flies. Not only will I be turning 43 this month, my kids are now both in middle school! It seems like just yesterday that we brought my daughter home from the hospital, bundled in a little blanket. Now she’s almost as tall as I am, riding the bus to school with her little brother and absolutely crushing it on the softball field. Kids really do grow up too fast. This is something that all parents are constantly reminded of. First words, first steps, first days of school, birthdays — every milestone our kids hit can have a bittersweet edge to it. The steps our kids take toward adulthood should be celebrated, but they can sometimes leave a parent with the unshakable feeling of having lost something. For me, this has never been more apparent than having a child go into the eighth grade. “From school and sports to family vacations, my kids approach every year with an adventurous attitude. Being able to share in that excitement has been one of the many joys of fatherhood.” KIDS GROW UP TOO FAST, AND THAT’S OKAY MIDDLE SCHOOL AND MILESTONES It’s an incredibly big leap toward adulthood, though my daughter may not realize it yet. When I was her age, college and adulthood still felt eons away. Looking back, I hardly had a care in the world. I spent this time of year chasing the sun with my friends from one backyard swimming pool to the next. Getting the last of the warmth out of summer was our No. 1 priority. But before I knew it, I was working to help support my family, meeting the woman who would become my wife, and applying to colleges. So now, as a parent, I sometimes worry about adulthood sneaking up on me again. Both of my kids live such joyful, carefree lives, pursuing their passions for sports, excelling in school, and still finding the time to just be

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kids. Sometimes I find myself wishing things could stay that way for them forever. But ultimately, that’s not what parenthood is about. Kids want to grow up. Just as I wanted more independence and responsibility when I was their age, my kids are constantly pushing for the next big thing. To them, those birthdays, those first days of school, and the first pitches of a new season can’t come soon enough! Who am I to get in the way of that? So rather than let milestones like my daughter’s “last first day of middle school” get me down, I draw inspiration from her own enthusiasm. She and her brother are always looking forward to the next big adventure. From school and sports to family vacations, my kids approach every year with an adventurous attitude. Being able to share in that excitement has been one of the many joys of fatherhood. My kids have taught me that being a good parent is about both loving your children for who they are and being excited to see the adults they will become. My wife and I are so proud of our two middle schoolers, of how driven and mature they are. We hope our daughter and son never lose their outgoing, adventurous attitudes either. Watching them excitedly throw themselves into life has been nothing short of inspiring.

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As they go back to school, here’s to all the lessons our kids can teach us,

–David DeLaFuente

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