MIYC June July 2020

Marco Island Yacht Club Anchor Lines

June/July 2020

Volume 20:6 & 7

Adventures Aboard Paradox Dr. Dave Randall and Dr. Shelly Derrough

Having entered our second year with Paradox II, a Seahorse 52 trawler, we have learned that she rides similarly to other round – bottomed boats - a moderate beam sea sends her rolling (no fun). Our Sea Gyro, an Australian product, is similar to but different from the more familiar Seakeeper. Our gadget has a vertically spinning drum that dampens roll in a passive way, much like a spinning top. Anyway, a previous run from Fort Myers south had us taking two to three footers on the side and acquiring a roll that the Admiral (Shelly) pronounced – in no uncertain terms - as being, “not fun.” Fortunately, the Seahorse’s hull has reinforced fiberglass (although we learned not enough) forward of the engines to accept stabilizers. We considered the Westmar (which could be installed on Fort Myers) and other units but opted for the more ubiquitous Naiads which necessitated a trip to Dania Beach on the east coast. We planned the three – day trip via Marathon with a transition inside at south Miami. Our intrepid sailing buddies, Rich and Kim, joined us for the voyage and may be known to club members as they accompanied us on a couple other extended cruises. Commodore Rosenberg had informally installed Rich as the Assistant - Fleet - Surgeon - In - Training last year. Our log reflects an early start for the 92 – mile leg to Marathon. King Neptune gave us a somewhat rocky ride with 3 to 5 - foot swells that, fortunately, approached us just off the bow and minimized roll. We took a mooring ball in Boot Key Harbor to enjoy a yummy Philly cheese steak dinner. Tip: put the beef in the freezer for about 40 minutes to stiffen it and facilitate thin slicing. (More on page 31)

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I believe we’ve successfully made it through quarantine and I hope everyone is doing well. The Club is now open per the Governor’s guidance. You can see operational reports in Dave’s and Bob’s articles for details. It is sad that we had to shut down our on-the- water activities, but with social distancing and no more than 10 persons on a boat, how could we plan events and keep Members safe? Our Day and Sunset Cruises hopefully will resume in the Fall, and our Extended Cruise Program will continue as scheduled as locations become available. Please see the updated cruising schedule in this issue and on our website. Boaters Night at the Club was also a challenge, but there will be an exciting presentation this month on the Exumas Trip. FCYC reciprocals were not available during lock down, but are continuing to open up now, so please check with the member clubs before scheduling a trip or for dining. Positive outcomes during our quarantine are, that there were lots of boat repairs and upgrades

accomplished, less fuel was burned and we got to know our families up close and personal. In addi t ion, there were m a n y s a f e t y a n d educational opportunities from organizations like the United States Power

Ray Rosenberg Commodore

S q u a d r o n ( Ame r i c a ’ s Boating Club) and Boat US that you could access on line to keep your skills up to date. Well, hang in there because Summer is here and the living is easy, and Fall will be upon us soon. See you on the water - Ray Rosenberg Commodore and FCYC Director, MIYC

Reciprocals The Summer Reciprocal Program normally begins May 1st. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, area Clubs have been delayed in getting out their invitations to participate during this 2020 season. MIYC did send out our invitations in early March. To date, we have received four responses, with more coming in each day. Most Clubs are suggesting they will participate just as soon as the restrictions lift. We received word from Cedar Hammock Golf & Country Club of their intention to open JUNE 1 st . Cedar Hammock will be undergoing renovations this summer, so while they will offer golf, they only have 9 holes available for play. As more Clubs offer reciprocal privileges, we will pass the information along to our Members. Thanks, Cynthia

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Members Happy to Be Back at MIYC as Florida Re-Opens

Jeff and Carol Comeaux and Jim and Jan Rich were among the many MIYC Members who enjoyed our re-opening night on May 6 after the long “stay at home“ order due to Covid 19. Echoing the thoughts of many other Members, they said that they felt MIYC was the safest place to go out for dinner on the island. And of course, best of all, was reconnecting with MIYC friends —at a safe, social distance, of course!

Club Update Provided at Semi-Annual Meeting May 29 Spread out across the Harbor Room at “socially distanced” tables, Members got informative updates from Dave Everitt and several other Club Leaders at the May Semi-Annual Member Meetings. To accommodate the social distancing, three consecutive sessions were held. In addition, some Members attended by a Zoom connection. At the meetings, Members received an update on topics spanning Finance, Membership, Operations, Events, the new Marina and more.

Marco Island Yacht Club

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Chairman’s Report

I know… I am seriously overdue in giving you an update on the Marina Project! A lot has happened since the November membership meeting. The coronavirus issue certainly affected some areas of our project. But I am excited about the current status and am pleased to give you this update! We completed our project construction review in December. The marina development committee reviewed proposals from 3 contractors and selected Kelly Brothers , Inc. a local Fort Myers company. Their bid, while not the absolute lowest, was the most comprehensive. They also had strong support from Turrell and Associates, our engineering consulting firm. Their bid, after review, came in slightly less than we expected in our planning budget. Bellingham is the dock manufacturer we se l ec t ed . The i r des i gn con f o rmed t o ou r specifications, including a four-foot-deep wave mitigating primary dock with a width of 20 feet. They also specified 17” diameter high strength steel pilings that enable us to withstand a 12’ surge. This design reduces the pilings required from 42 (for concrete pilings) to 21 (for the steel pilings). In February and March, we conducted conversations with Marco Island officials to prepare the Site Development Proposal (SDP) submission to the City . We conducted meetings with MICA officials and the Marco Island City Planning Department. These meetings all concluded favorably, with all officials indicating support for the project. In the meantime, we continued to proceed with updating our submerged land lease permit. We did receive negative comments from 7 individuals in the public comment phase of the permit review. The concerns raised have been addressed. In December, we had conversations with our intended lender but were not satisfied with the terms and conditions they offered for construction financing . We began speaking with other banks and lending institutions in January and continued those conversations into March.

And then we hi t the coronavirus ‘wall’! By March 20 th (when we closed the Club), we were not sure what the future held for the project. Therefore, we took the following actions: • W e p u t t h e contractor on ‘hold’.

Dave Everitt Chairman

This gave us ample time to monitor the economic i m p a c t o f t h e c o r o n a v i r u s i n t h e economy.

We began looking at alternative financing options, as our banking contacts were pulling back from project funding due to the stock market volatility. We contacted individuals who indicated they would purchase a slip and advised them we were putting the project on hold for 90 to 120 days. We advised our engineering consultant to continue pursuing completion of the permitting process.

We provided the Board a project update at the May 2020 Board meeting. The Board confirmed its support to proceed with the project. Following is a summary of information conveyed to the Board. Permits from federal and state organizations are nearly complete. The Corps of Engineers has completed their review, and their permit will be issued in conjunction with the submerged land lease. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection completed their public comment review and are finalizing a few small administrative items, with an expected June completion. We have continued work with the City and expect to present the information to the City Council in June or July, depending on the Council’s schedule.

Marco Island Yacht Club

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We have communicated to individuals with a slip hold request that we will be invoicing them in July for their initial deposit . They have confirmed their intent to proceed to contract. The slips on hold for these individuals represent about 30% of the projected sales revenue expected from the project. And we continue to receive inquiries about slip availability and timing. We have developed an alternative financing arrangement that is favorable to investors and to the Club . We have raised about 40% of our objective and continue to find good interest from individual investors. We are reaching out, on an individual basis, to Members and others that might be interested in participating in the investment. If you would like more information, please let me or Gerry Gorman know, and we will arrange for a conversation. And we have concluded additional negotiations with the contractor that enable us to plan a start date . The contractor and the dock manufacturer have agreed to proceed with drawings and building permit work as soon as we sign a contract. This allows the preparation work, that can take as much as 8 to 12 weeks, to be conducted while we complete our permitting and financing activities. We expect to sign the construction contract in the nex t coup l e o f weeks based on t hese conversat ions. This means we should see construction start in September or October, depending on contractor crew scheduling, final building permit releases from the City, etc. We will not incur significant costs, beyond the preparation work noted above, until we confirm construction can begin. This approach gives us two key benefits.

First, it allows us to target an earlier marina completion date. We should see the marina ready for occupancy as early as the end of calendar 2021 with this schedule. The earlier occupancy date will also enable us to begin collecting ongoing revenue from the marina earlier than planned. Second, having construction underway publicly indicates that the project is moving forward. Individuals considering a Wet Slip Membership will need to commit if they wish to secure a slip in the Marina. We will begin a more aggressive marketing and sales campaign in August to coincide with the anticipated start of construction. There are two additional parts to the project. We need to proceed with the parking project, and we need to finalize designs and costs associated with the dockmaster’s office. Both these projects have been reviewed with the City, and the city supports proceeding, but with separate project and permitting reviews. We have received tentative approval from the Florida Department of Transportation for leasing the corner of the land for the parking area. This project is important to the long-term future of our Club. I am pleased we are getting back on track. And, we should begin to see benefits from the project in the not too distant future!

If you would like more information on any part of this project , I will be providing an update at the 29 May Membership Meeting . Or you can certainly reach out to me individually with questions. Dave Everitt Chairman, Board of Directors Marco Island Yacht Club AutoPay is the Easiest Way! Download the enrollment form and sign up now! Questions? Ask Joan Gorman at: joangorman112@gmail.com

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MIYC Boater’s Night, June 17th “Excitement in the Exumas” Special Themed Dinner, Photos, Memories and Tall Tales! Boater's Night resumes, Socially Distant but Closer Than Ever in Spirit Wednesday, June 17th

Time to be announced in the next email. Immediate Past Commodore, Award-Winning Sailor, Old-Salt, Bon-Vivant and Secret Photographer Jeff Comeaux reveals the untold story of the March Exumas Cruise !

Gentle Members, Boater’s Night is back, with a brand-new look for brave new times!

Boaters are a hardy bunch. We’ll brave rough seas, extreme temperatures, lack of supplies, rationed water, cramped quarters, liquor shortages (well, maybe not that), all for the pleasure of spending quality time with beloved friends. Boaters aren’t the kind to let a little thing like a global pandemic stand in the way of fun and friendship, so long as we know that we can gather together SAFELY. If there’s one thing that’s at the top of every Boater’s list, it’s Safety: Safety of the boat itself, Safety on board, Safety under way, and Safety around the boat. Safety for all hands is the watchword of all Boaters, everywhere, all the time. To that end, Chef Bob, Pam and the entire staff of your Club have been working watch-on-watch to provide the safest possible environment for you on Boater’s Night. You can be confident of maximum safety, and maximum fun! Speaking of fun: Way back in March, before the world sneezed, more than 40 fellow Members set out over the horizon to the exotic Bahamas for an unforgettable 10 days in sailboats. What did they do? How did they fare? Some scattered reports have made it back home, but the REAL STORY, the hidden scoop on just what went on out there has remained shrouded in mystery…until Boater’s Night, that is! Jeff Comeaux, himself a Captain on the cruise, will reveal all the highs, the lows, the strange-goings-on, the laughter (and some tears) of this epic adventure. Don’t miss this dynamic, fun-filled “unmasking” of the intrepid Last Voyage of MIYC before lockdown, including real photos (lots of them), all true stories, amazing anecdotes and No Fake News.

Don’t miss this landmark First Boater’s Night of the new age . Be a part of history, be among the first to experience the all-new Boater’s Night, re-imagined for a new world but comfortably rooted in your favorite traditions. This very special presentation is paired with a special menu created by Chef Bob to include your favorite dishes from and inspired by the Bahamas. Seating is limited to the first 50 reservations, so reserve your place in history now! Call the Club for Reservations 239-394-0199 Tom Wentworth Rear Commodore

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Autopay is Fast, Easy, Convenient! Here's How to Enroll!

There's no easier way to handle monthly bills than with Automatic Payment, and we're happy to introduce this time-saving convenience at MIYC! Members can sign up now for Automatic Payment, and have it in effect for their MIYC statements sent in July. When you enroll a U.S. bank account or a credit card in our secure Automatic Payment system, the MIYC statement you receive around the 4th of every month will automatically be paid between the 10 th and the 17 th . Your bank account or credit card information will be encrypted and stored in a secure system so there is no need for you to enter any data or take action. If you disagree with your bill you can request a credit either before or after your account is charged. Enrolling is as Easy as 1, 2, 3! 1. Click and print this FORM and complete your preferred payment method and account number 2. Sign the form and scan it or shoot a digital photo on your phone 3. Email your signed enrollment form to: accounting@marcoislandyachtclub.net Or you can pick up a form at the Club, fill it out and provide it to Carlota, and you'll be good to go! New encryption and security updates have been installed at the Club to ensure your protection. Questions? Contact Joan Gorman at: joangorman112@gmail.com

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Food Pantry Needs Donations The need is greater than ever due to Covid 19

MIYC has been supporting the Food Pantry for years with a dropoff basket in our lobby for canned goods and other supplies. The Club is closed now, but with schools and businesses shut down, the need is greater than ever. Below is information about safely dropping off food items at their collection area. Or even simpler, please make a financial donation at the following link: Our Daily Bread Food Pantry Thank you

Marco Island Yacht Club

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MIYC Membership

I always check my previous month’s column before I begin to write my new one. I really loved reading about how so many of you contributed to the GO-FUND-ME for the Staff. BUT, just seeing the Staff back at the Club with their smiling eyes (their mouths are concealed with masks), seeing their thank you notes AND seeing all of you are what makes a Club a Club! Hearing about how successful the virtual auction was for the Sailing School just makes me feel good, too, about being part of Marco Island Yacht Club. Dwyn Von Bereghy shared with me yesterday the touching stories of the families who are applying for the scholarships for the program. I also owe Linda Marr, our Anchor Lines editor, an apology…I sat down to write this column on Friday evening, but after three member meetings (two with ZOOM) and then having a great night with members at the Club, I just couldn’t do it. So, let me tell you about our member meetings! We had 48 of you at meetings in person (limited due to social distancing restrictions) and 30 of you using ZOOM! I think that’s great! I did record the video and audio…and I am now trying to figure out how to delete the fifteen minutes of my voiceovers when I was setting up the meeting so that I might be able to post it on the website for you! Our topics covered Finance showing Club performance to our FY2020 Outlook taking the effects of COVID19 into account, Operations, Membership, Mariner’s, Member Events, Ship’s Store AND the new Marina and we were able to give you all the information and have time for questions within an hour. (Do read Dave Everitt’s column in this issue with the full marina update!) I freely admit, in the third session I felt like Robert Redford in THE CANDIDATE as I forgot to talk about Dues. Duh! So, FY2021 Dues…we are forecasting, with great work from Operations and Finance, that we can add some payroll dollars with a minor increase in Dues so that we will be able to hire some more staff to make the operation better and to not rely as heavily on member volunteers. This means a slight increase of $300 in Dues for Equity and Full members and a $200 increase in Dues for Social members. The good news is that capital and debt service fees will remain the same for all categories. You will receive the Dues mailing in early July with your payment due by September 30, 2020. (FY2021 Benefits and Dues are posted on the website in

MEMBER CENTRAL under KEY DOCUMENTS.) The best part of the meetings for me was having Dave Everitt hand out all the Equity Certificates to our members who have joined the Club and who have recently upgraded. I was a little behind in my bookkeeping so we are awarding 21 certificates!

Congratulations to Russell Doeringer and Cara DuBay who are our newest Equity members upgrading on May 26, 2020! (If you are interested, remember an Equity Share is currently $9,000 going up to $12,000 on November 1, 2020. IT IS A GREAT DEAL so email me if you have any questions!) Member Recruiting Member is still in place so be sure to recommend friends to join our Club. You and your friends will receive $100 gift certificates if your recommended members join the Club and pay joining fees! Also, feel free to recommend our Summer Social Membership to your friends. It is $1000 for June through October. If your friends decide to join the Club fulltime, they will then receive $500 off of their joining fees. FYI, joining fees are increasing by $1,000 in all categories so new members joining before September 30,2020 receive NO SUMMER DUES and SAVE $1,000 off of joining fees! Finally, last evening the Staff provided a mini- espresso martini with drizzled white chocolate as an

a f t e r - d i n n e r d r i n k t o member diners. After all those meetings, it certainly was a treat! Folks, seeing everyone yesterday and having the Staff provide that treat, well, I will tell you, that is why you belong to a Club. During these trying times, it is sooooo special to have a place to go where you feel safe and everyone knows your name. CHEERS!

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next few days, Gary’s cough was stronger and constant. And the relentless fatigue started to set in. Doctors, Testing and Feeling Worse On March 17, Gary was feeling miserable, needing to get the cough under control. He was unable to see his regular doctor, as suddenly these visits were no longer allowed. The shutdown had begun. So he went to Urgent Med. They tested him for seasonal flu. He was negative, normally good news. But the doctor said he now needed to be tested for the novel corona virus. He qualified for testing, due to: 1) symptoms, 2) over age 65, and, 3) had travelled to Europe in February. The doctor agreed JoAnne should also get tested. They were directed to a drive-thru testing station at the hospital where JoAnne had visited the ER 3 times in the past week for killer headaches. Even without the results, they both felt they had the virus. Gary asked his doctor by phone if he could get some of the experimental medicine hydrochlorothyazide he heard about on TV. His doctor said, “No, that’s only for really sick people.” (Needless to see, Gary is looking for a new doctor.). There was no medicine, no treatment for them, no advice except to come to the hospital if they had trouble breathing. They both experienced the loss of taste and smell. Friends dropped off food at their door, but their lack of appetite hardly put a dent in the food. Additionally, JoAnne had a harsh rash on her chest, also a symptom of the virus. Neither seemed to have much of a fever, although one night, they both woke up with the bedsheets literally soaking wet. Nausea was constant, without any vomiting. Sleep was all Gary and JoAnne could manage. “We’d wake up in the morning, and take a nap before we got out of bed. Then we’d barely make it to the couch, and sleep again,” Gary explained. Debilitating headaches are another symptom, necessitating yet another trip to the ER for JoAnne. This time a strong dose of morphine finally dulled the pain. Test Results and Contact Tracing The tests results came back 11 days later. They both were positive. By this time, Gary’s cough started to subside. JoAnne continued to feel the intense fatigue for another week. By March 28, most of the symptoms had mercifully gone away. As a result of the positive test results, the County Health Department Nurse contacted Gary and JoAnne to do contact tracing. They were asked who they had met and where they had been in the 7 to 14 days prior to symptoms. “Could you name everywhere you had been and everyone you had seen nearly a month ago? It was crazy - but we didn’t want to leave anyone out who may have been exposed,” remarked JoAnne.

MI YC Membe r s Sur v i v ed COV ID- 19 Gary and JoAnne Wegner, Members of MIYC for 2 years, agreed to share the story of their encounter with the COVID-19 virus.

How it Started… Maybe How did the Wisconsin natives and frequent Marco visitors contract the dreaded virus? “We’re not sure, but who can be?” said JoAnne. The couple had returned from a ski trip to Steamboat, Colorado on March 8. They suspect it was traveling through the airport on the way home, as none of the other 35 ski club members they spent the week with became ill, nor the two others in their condo. Symptoms Onset On March 11, JoAnne had a terrible headache, and went to the Emergency Room at a hospital near their home in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. JoAnne suffers from migraines so the trip was not unusual… but this headache felt different to her, much more intense. At the same time, Gary developed a slight cough. Remember, this was early on, before the virus had made a strong showing the the US, so who knew? A few days later, March 14, the couple celebrated two birthdays with Gary’s sisters and a brother-in-law. The group stayed overnight. Now it’s Sunday, March 15. JoAnne’s headache forced her back to the ER. This time, it took much stronger medicine to get the pain under control. In the

! 1 1

It seemed impossible to list all of the contacts: airport check-in and plane ride, tennis club, ski club, community theatre performance, hair stylist, tennis pro… and more. Gary phoned the individual contacts to alert them of the COVID-19 confirmation and ask if they had any symptoms. Of the ski trip condo mates, tennis pro, tennis partners, and his family, only the family with whom they had spent the weekend had the symptoms of extreme fatigue. All of these results were reported to the County Health Department Nurse. Ironically, the family members, not eligible to receive testing, were not Early in April, with symptoms gone, Gary and JoAnne wanted to know if they would now test negative for the virus. They felt friends and family would stigmatize them and treat them “like lepers.” But tests weren’t easily ordered by the doctors, due to the test shortage at that time. Then Gary read about a research project at the University of Wisconsin Madison Hospital. They were looking for people who had recovered from the virus to determine if their antibodies could help other convalescing patients. This allowed Gary and JoAnne to counted in the COVID cases. Antibodies and Aftermath

be tested again. “We were so thankful to test negative. Through the American Red Cross, we were able to donate plasma to help other people suffering from this horrible disease. The Red Cross sent a letter saying the plasma was administered to patients at St Vincent’s Hospital in Green Bay. This was the area where there were many meat packing house workers being treated. We must have had kryptonite antibodies, as they’ve asked us to donate again,” Gary quipped. “In a way, we were lucky to get it early on, so we didn’t worry as much as others,” noted JoAnne. “We were so fortunate not to be hospitalized. Although nothing is guaranteed, we feel our antibodies offer a large degree of protection. Of course, we understand and respect how others continue to do whatever they need to protect themselves and still keep our distance.” Gary added, “We were so happy to make a visit to Marco Island in early May, just as Florida was opening. And it was wonderful to have dinner with several friends from the MIYC.” So there you are, the story of two MIYC Members who had COVID-19, and are gratefully recovered. JoAnne and Gary wish everyone a safe and healthy summer, and look forward to seeing everyone in the Fall.

Attention Book Club Members! MIYC 2020 Book Club Selections Our final Book Club for our 2020 Season will be held on Thursday, June 25 th . The time is the usual 12:00 – 1:30 PM. Denise Schwartzman has graciously volunteered to be our presenter, and I am certain that she will have lots of additional information and knowledge to impart about the book and scenario. Please join us for a delicious book-themed luncheon, an informative presentation and lively discussion. A zoom invitation and link will be sent out the prior day for those of you who cannot be here with us in Marco. Date Book Presenter June 28 The Pioneers Denise Schwartzman

Thank you to all of our Book Club Members for your attendance, participation, and suggestions for our reading selections. I will be sending out a survey in the Autumn to solicit suggestions for the 2021 Season. Please stay safe while in your Summer locations! Reservations - 239-394-0199

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MIYC Member Events By Angela Holt

Member Events used to be called the 'Social Committee'; now it's probably appropriate to call us the' Social Distancing Committee'. Whoever expected to have this challenge with our events schedule this Spring? But we are getting back-in-action, and the events we missed will be rescheduled. This will be the 20th Anniversary of MIYC, and we will make all of our events extra special to reflect this anniversary. Starting in June we will have Wine and Dine, a Boater's Night, and, of course, a Father's Day a la carte Brunch. On July 3rd, the Yacht Club will hold our Independence Day "Eve" Celebration. We will have entertainment, patriotism, and a wonderful Chef Bob Picnic which will be handled carefully to comply with the rules of the day. There will also be a Lobster-fest and fan-favorite Trivia in July. In August, we will have a new mode of entertainment, a piano bar and sing-a-long. We'll also be enjoying a "Cooking with Chef" and, on the 29th of August, the "End of Summer Blast" with Omar Baker. Here's hoping we can be dancing by that time! Next season's schedule is chock- filled with events-dances, games, a comedian and a magician. We also will have a Country Western Jam Session with a Chef Bob, Tom Morrison and Owen O'Shaughnessy.

Of course, we will have ou r wonde r f u l p r oven events: the Book Club, Canasta and Bridge for Couples and Men and L a d i e s , M a h J o n g and Twilight Golf. We will have new entertainers and welcome back some some of our favorites. There will be a Hollywood

Angela Holt Member Events

Gala which you won't want to miss to benefit the Mariner's Fund and celebrate the Club's 20th

Anniversary. Remember to Save the Date of March 20th for this Red Carpet Event with the Hollywood Walk of Fame, paparazzi, elegant attire, Chef Bob's grandest dinner fare and top notch entertainment. Now, in my 4th year of chairing Member Events, let me thank the men and women who serve on the Committee and who act as point persons on our wonderful activities. So, get ready for our 20 th Anniversary Year of celebrating and thank you, Members, for being so supportive of our Club and

our events. Angela Holt Chair, Member Events Committee

MIYC on Facebook Don't forget to 'like' our page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ yachtingmarco to see what's happening at MIYC. (You do not need to join Facebook to like our page.) If you are a member of Facebook, feel free to "Check-in" when you're attending events and to share our posts with your friends! You can also “tag” the Club when you post events you attend.

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Marco Island Yacht Club 2020-21 Season He l l o Summe r ! Note that we have added many events for the Summer!!!

• 3 rd June Ladies’ Bridge begins! • 4 th June Canasta begins! • 13 th June Intl. Wine & Dine (Casual) • 17 th June Boater’s Night • 21 st June Father’s Day a la carte Brunch • 1st July Boater’s Night • 3 rd -5 th July Legacy Harbor Ext Cruise • 3 rd July Independence Day Eve Picnic w/ Nevada Smith • 3 rd - 5 th Legacy Harbor Ext. Cruise • 4 th of July - Club Closed • 10 th -12 th July FCYC Vero Beach YC Virtual Mtg.

• 18 th July Lobsta-fest • 23 rd July Trivia • 1 st Aug. Dance Party & Karaoke! • 5 th Aug. Fish Stories (Member Dinner) • 15 th Aug. Cooking w/ Chef • 29 th Aug. Beach Party w/Omar • 11 th - 13 th Sept. FCYC Coral Ridge YC • 25 th Sept. White Out Happy Hour “Wear your Whites in our Clean Club!”

• 4 th Boater’s Night • 5 th Twilight Golf • 6 th Evening Colors – Wear your patriotic clothing in honor of Veteran’s Day • 7 th Welcome Back Party!

• 2 nd Boater’s Night • 3 rd Twilight Golf • 4 th Ugly Holiday Sweater Fashion Show • 5 th Member Holiday Party & Toys for Tots

Three Cheers for the Red, White & Blue!

• 9 th Day Cruise

Everglades City Marina

• 1 st Day Cruise Hamilton Harbor • 7 th Boater’s Night • 8 th Twilight Golf • 9 th Oktoberfest HH & entrees (Oktoberfest entrees throughout the weekend) • 14 th Couple’s Bridge • 15 th Fishing Club • 16 th Evening Colors • 21 st Wine & Dine • 28 th Sunset Cruise • 28 th - Nov 1 st Ft Lauderdale Boat Show

• 11 th Couple’s Bridge • 13 th -15 th FCYC Sarasota YC • 12 th -16 th Ext Cruise-Marina Jack, Sarasota YC, Venice YC • 15 th Grande Brunch • 17 th Annual Meeting with Happy Hour & Ship’s Store Fashion Show during Dinner • 18 th Sunset Cruise • 19 th Fishing Club • 21 st C&W Jam Session w/Chef Bob Benefiting Toys for Tots

• 9 th Couple’s Bridge • 11 th Evening Colors • 12 th Marco Island Street Parade

• 13 th Grande Brunch • 16 th Sunset Cruise • 17 th Fishing Club

• 19 th Christmas Boat Parade • 19 th Staycation Dock Party • 24 th Christmas Eve Dinner • 31 st New Year’s Eve Dinner • 31 st New Year’s Eve Party

• 26 th Thanksgiving Dinner • 28 th Family Holiday Picnic • 30 th Deck the Halls

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International Wine & Dine June 13 th - 6pm

MIYC Brunch on the Gulf 10am - 1pm Join us at the MIYC for Sunday Brunch each week ~ Fatherùs Day a la carte Brunch June 21 st Reservations - 239-394-0199 - Club Dress

Watch for Menu Eblast

Reservations - 239-394-1-0199

Independence Day Eve Picnic July 3 rd 5pm Join us at the Club for an old fashioned Barbecue. Chef Bob and his Staff will surprise you with an outstanding Buffet. Reservations - 239-394-0199

! 1 5

MIYC Boaters’ Night July 8 th 6pm Cocktails 7pm Dinner Watch for Topic and Menu Eblasts Reservations - 239-394-0199

Lobsta-Fest! Saturday, July 18 th 6pm Watch for Menu Eblasts Get Your Bib On! Reservations - 23-394-0199

Thursday, July 23 rd 6pm Reservations - 239-394-0199

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MIYC Fishing Club

April and May fishing in the Gulf was very good--when the winds laid down for a few days. For those who fished offshore, we found a good bite 45 – 55 miles out in 90-115 feet of water. Limits of keeper Red Grouper (20 inch plus), Spanish Mackerel, Amberjack, Barracuda were common. The best catch was a 60-pound Wahoo caught 35 miles west of Boca Grande Pass. Jeff Comeaux landed this beast with superb boat handling from Captain Tommy (Tom Morrison). The fish was caught on a large artificial bait trolling at 15 mph in 120 feet off of the “Fantistico” wreck. Locals state that they have never heard of anyone catching a Wahoo on the Gulf side. The Covid virus forced several planned trips to cancel early in the cycle. Two trips to Islamorada (Tarpon fishing) and one offshore trip with Mike Avignon had to cancel. We hope to pick up the action again in late June. In June and July, Offshore and Backwater

fishing will be at its best. The key is to plan trips around the weather systems that quickly develop in the Everglades. Nobody wants to get caught in a Florida thunderstorm…very scary. If you do fish, take very serious caution and monitor the forecasts and Doppler weather closely. Watch your eblasts for more information about upcoming trips and meetings. Jeff Comeaux Past Commodore & Fishing Club Chair Equity and Full Members welcome. Please call the Club for Reservations 239-394-0199

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Marco Island Yacht Club

New Optis for the Kids! The Sailing Committee generated an online Auction to benefit the Sailing Club. Dwyn von Bereghy and her group worked tirelessly obtaining auction items. The Members in the photo pitched in and bought new Opti Sailboats for the Kids!

L-R: Ray Rosenberg & Linda Spell, Dave Everitt and Geoff Walker. Not pictured: Cinda Walker and Dr. Dave Randall and Dr. Shelly Derrough.

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Pool and Beach cover-ups - Promotional purchase - one size Prints - $30 with Member discount - all prints originally $40 Solid Peach - $25 plus Member discount (below)

LOGO adjustable leather strap cap - $24 less Member discount Columbia Bahama fishing shirt -

* See next page for purchasing procedure.

UPF 30 quick dry - $109 less discount

We Thank you for your Support of the MIYC Ship's Store Sandy, Mary, Ellie, Michele, Henry, Diana and the Member Volunteers

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Here’s How to Order!

• Orders should be placed via email to: sandywallen@icloud.com or use the website: https://marcoislandyachtclub.net/Member-Central/Ship_s_Store.aspx • Merchandise will be charged to Member MIYC account • It can be ready for pick-up at front desk or shipped USPS with $.75 handling fee plus shipping cost. • Email should list Member name, address if shipping, Member #, item with description and quantity • There are Member discounts on all but CLEARANCE items • RETURNS will not be allowed

Bullion pillows - 14x14 - $125 less member discount, 16x16 - $195 less Member discount

Fish pillow - $20 less member discount Fish night lights - $21 less discount Flamingo mug - $12 less discount Cocktail napkin - $5 less discount Hostess napkin - $7 less discount

Tervis 12 oz - $18 less member discount Tervis 16 oz - $22 less discount Tervis 24 oz - $25 less discount Tervis wine - $25 less discount Cocktail napkin - $5 less discount Hostess napkin - $7 less discount

Towel set of 2 - $14 with Member discount Soap dish - $10 with Member discount Night light - $21 with Member discount Acrylic bowl - $15 small shown with discount, larger bowl available at $25 less discount Acrylic wine glass - $10 less discount

Melamine dishwasher safe platter - $44 less Member discount Melamine 4 piece set assorted leaf designed luncheon plates - $32 less Member discount Melamine dinner plate - $13 less Member discount Whale butter dish - aqua or blue - $15 Cocktail napkin -$5 less discount Hostess napkin - $7 less discount

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Canasta! Join Us for Canasta every Thursday 9:30am All levels of experience welcome. Want to learn? Join us! Beginners welcome Contact Kimberly Porter - k.korbporter58@gmail.com for additional information about joining this fun loving group.

Attention! Please remember to make your reservations for dinner and events at the Club. Chef Bob and his Staff like to be prepared in order to have the right amount of food and beverage. Also, when you make your reservation and give a time you would prefer to sit down, please do so at that time. Otherwise, the kitchen Staff cannot keep up with the influx of diners.

Noon Bridge

If you are like me, you remember learning to play bridge in college and then there was the “social” bridge at night or on a lucky day when you could get time off from your busy schedule. Then came an even busier time in my life with work, so many kid’s activities, and bridge went by the wayside. Well, it is time to get back in the swing of it. If you play bridge, have ever played bridge, or even want to learn how to play bridge, MIYC is the place to do it. We have a very lively group of “social” bridge players. New Members are most welcome! There is no pressure to remember everything about the game and there are willing teachers to help you remember and learn. We play every Wednesday at noon if there are at least four of us available to play. Chef Bob serves us an amazing “surprise” lunch before we begin play. Call or e-mail me at: 239-389-0825 diana.winterhalter@gmail.com

Marco Island Yacht Club

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Safety & Training

Vessel Safety Checks - * Stay tuned for Resumption of this Program * A reminder, again, for all Members, especially those new to the Club this season, is that it is Board policy that all vessels participating in MIYC sanctioned on-the-water events must display a Vessel Safety Check sticker. Inspections are provided free of charge by either the US Coast Guard Auxiliary or America’s Boating Club. Plan to get your 2020 sticker by contacting one of the local Inspectors: Paul Soden 914-450-8066 paul.Soden@thompsonhine.com Rudi Landwaard 239-389-4444 rlandwaard@aol.com

John Saloto 703-864-5528 Dan Marinelli 239-900-0299 Trevor Haworth Safety and Training Officer (612) 805-3595 trevorhaworth3572@gmail.com

The USCG Aux has some specialty courses for those unfamiliar with the Marco environment: Boaters’ Local Knowledge and Boaters’ Local Knowledge – Backwater Edition

Click for more course schedules and to register - http://wow.uscgaux.info/content.php?unit=070-09-05&category=specialty-courses

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A GREAT TIME TO BRUSH UP ON YOUR SKILLS Whether you are still on the Island and lucky to be able to sneak out on your boat (maintaining social distancing of course!) or cooped-up Up North, there’s lots of free stuff on the web that can keep us all up to snuff with our boating skills. Captain Jim Marr kindly forwarded this link to a host of tips and training material on the Sea Tow site : https://www.seatow.com/BlogList/international/tag/Captains%20Classroom/1

Enjoy and stay safe, Trevor Haworth MIYC Safety & Training Officer

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Safety Tips How-To: Selecting Visual Distress Signals

Most boaters will eventually face a situation where assistance is needed. In this West Advisor, we discuss different options for visual distress signals used to call for help and how many you’re required to carry on your boat. Read Article

Flares & Visual Distress Signals Shop Now

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Planning for an Extended Cruise in the Time of Covid Planning ahead for the Extended Cruises is always a challenge however in this unprecedented situation we need to have everyone on deck a lot earlier. The options for travel have diminished with with the exception of boating and time on the water is both safe and an opportunity to explore. The seas may be the ultimate escape and self-isolating destination, but people aboard everything from solo craft to super yachts say the tranquillity of the waves has come with logistical hurdles and ethical dilemmas. There are a great number of people who own yachts who are using them as a second place to responsibly do the social distancing thing. The usual Covid-19 rules are applicable for our MIYC boating adventures: • You may want to limit the people aboard to those with whom you share your home or a limited number of trusted guests. • Rafting up with other boats that could put you in close proximity with others may not be advisable. • Maintaining a safe distance from others when doing things like fueling the boat is a appropriate. • If you touch something else that someone else may have touched like a marina gate or a fuel pump disinfect your hands ASAP Cruise Captain Jim Rich just circulated a request for reservations for a cruise up the West Coast to Sarasota in November. Hopefully you responded! These are different times and planning our extended cruises involve more preparation than usual in order to have the options we have had in the past. With the number of boaters on the water, slips are at a premium even during the non- season. To be able to accommodate cruisers we need to make our slip reservations well ahead of time. Reservations for convenient hotels and restaurants is also an adventure. Hotels have limited their room capacity so as to be able to effectively sanitize rooms. Many restaurants if they are operational are operating at 50% capacity. You can help by letting us know that you are on board for a planned trip as early as possible and keeping us informed as to any changes in your plans. See you on the water! Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do, than by the ones you did do . . .

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MIYC Cruising Schedule ù20 & ú21 MIYC Cruises When at the Club Happy Hour, talk to all those who have participated in our Extended and Day Cruises. You know who they are . . . from the pictures in Anchorlines of Members with smiles, having a Great Time. Participate and you will be rewarded with new close friends, smiles and a Great Time! Reservations and Questions Pete & Peggy Frazier: frazier@chartermi.net 906 227 7625

Pete Frazier Power Fleet Captain

Date of Event

Cruise Captain Cruising Event and Location

July 3-5, 2020 July 10-12, 2020

Ray Rosenberg Ray Rosenberg

Legacy Harbor 4th July BBQ - Ft. Myers


September 11-13, 2020 Ray Rosenberg

FCYC Coral Ridge YC

October 1, 2020 November 9, 2020

Jeff Comeaux Jim Heckenlaible

Hamilton Harbor

Day Cruise - Everglades Isle Marina

November 13-15, 2020 Ray Rosenberg

FCYC Sarasota YC

Extended Cruise- Marina Jack/Sarasota YC/Venice YC

November 11-16,2020 Jim Rich

December 19,2020 January 8-10, 2021

Peggy Frazier Ray Rosenberg

Dock Party/ Holiday Boat Parade FCYC Key Biscayne YC Naples Sailing & Yacht Club - Naples Day Cruise Naples Sailing & Yacht Club

January 12-14, 2021 Jim Marr

January 14, 2021 February 6, 2021

Jim Heckenlaible

Past Commodores Blessing of the Fleet - Marco Island

Circumnavigation Hawks Kay/Miami/Stuart/Clewiston/ Legacy

February 15-20, 2021 Ray Rosenberg

March 1, 2021

Jim Heckenlaible Ray Rosenberg Peggy Frazier Ray Rosenberg

Day Cruise – Island Gypsy FCYC The Florida YC Pink Shell, Charlotte Harbor YC Day Cruise – Naples YC

March 12-14, 2021 March 15-19, 2021

April 5, 2021 April 8, 2021

Rear Commodore Scavenger Hunt - Marco Island

April 10-17, 2021

Geoff Walker Dave Randall

BVI - Charter Fleet

May 1, 2021

Bahamas or Florida West Coast Cruise (20 days)

AMA French Cruise Aug 30- Sep 12 - Barcelona/Paris

September 2, 2021

Jim Rich

Marco Island Yacht Club

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Introducing the state-of-the-art MIYC Riverside Marina Wet Slip Membership

Because market demand for boats over 65 feet has grown substantially over the past 10 years, the inventory of available slips large enough to accommodate them in Naples and south to Marco Island is tight. In addition, and for the same 10-year period, Southwest Florida accounts for a 10% growth in boats 40 to 65 feet. The MIYC Riverside Marina will provide 27 new slips, ranging from 50 to 124 feet. All slips are designed to be a minimum of 24 feet wide.

Wet Slip Memberships Do you know someone who wants to buy a bigger boat, but they don’t know where to keep it? Tell them about our new state-of-the-art Marina! They’ll get a top-of-the-line boat slip and Full Membership in the Club, too! The sales team is ready to answer any questions! Membership sales team: Captain Geoff Fahringer: 239-253-4091 Lee Dorison: 561-756-7375 Ken Gandy: 239-877-3777 Web: www.marcoislandyachtclub.net MIYC Phone: 239-394-0199

Some slips will have lifts, all slips will have water, electricity, pump-out facilities, lighting and security cameras. A full-time Dockmaster will be on hand for any needed assistance, and each Wet Slip Membership includes member- ship as a Full Member in the Yacht Club. Construction is slated to begin in 2020, to be completed in early 2021. Because slips are in high demand, now is the time to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind, turn- key, pre- construction investment opportunity.

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- Power Required - Your Name - Your Phone Number For those of you cruising to Sarasota by boat and were planning to leave a day early, the Venice Yacht Club will probably not be an option for a stopover on November 11th. There are currently 2 of our boats that have reservations there, and the dock master has indicated that he can make no more commitments until the last minute. This is obviously not an option to be gambled on. However, in contacting the Crows's Nest Marina just inside the channel, the dock master said they love yacht clubs and would be happy to accommodate us. To simplify contacts, he just requested that I be the main contact and forward any required information as I receive it. Currently we have 3 boats with reservations there. For those of you planning to join us, please email the following information to me ASAP: - Boat Name - LOA - Beam - Draft Marco Island Yacht Club Full Member Boaters and Land Cruisers November 12-16, 2020‰ Sarasota Cruise Update #1 Hi Everyone, I know you just received an email regarding our November cruise to Sarasota, but in an ever changing world, so is my information. I therefore offer the latest as of today: I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to expedite your information to me if you are at all contemplating this stopover in Venice. You can always cancel, but once this marina gets booked up, you may be forced to make the trip from Marco to Sarasota in one day. Regarding the question of hotel availability for those of you who are either driving or are passengers on someone's boat, please contact the following properties to make reservations on your own. (However, I still need your information EX. names, phone numbers and email contact if participating in this trip) Venice: "Inn at the Beach" 855-680-3239 Sarasota: "The Weston" 941-953-1234 "Hyatt Regency" 941-953-1234 "Art Ovation" 941-316-0808 "Hotel Indigo" 941-487-3800 "Embassy Suites 941-256-0190 Hope this information is helpful. As usual, please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. Best Wishes, Jim Rich, Cruise Captain 239-248-4166

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Marco Island Yacht Club

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We revised t h e C l u b O p e r a t i n g Procedures effective June 1 st . Please visit our website and review the Revised Procedures. Since we are now allowed to increase our inside dining capacity from 25% to 50%, we are

The Club re-opened on Wednesday May 6, 2020 with several restrictions including the New Club Opening Procedures that were created and posted on the website prior to the opening. The first week went very well with revenue higher than expected and we had approximately 60 members attend Mother’s Day Brunch on Sunday May 10 th . Bob Aber and Chef Bob created new limited lunch and dinner menus for our opening. They plan to create a cuisine theme for the dinner menus and change the dinner menus every two weeks. The theme for the first two weeks was French cuisine, then Italian and the first of June will be Spanish cuisine. Please let us know if you like this change and the menu items. So far, we have received a lot of favorable comments from our members. We held our semi-annual meeting on Friday May 29 th . Because of COVID-19 and the social distancing, instead of one large meeting we had three separate meetings to limit the number of members attending per session and space the tables six feet apart.

Robert J DeFeo

opening the dining up to member guests and reciprocals. We also increased the maximum table size from 6 to 8. Club activities such as Bridge, Mahjong, Canasta, etc. will be allowed with some different procedures in place. Angela and the Event Committee will be looking at starting up some events keeping social distancing in mind. Remember we are still doing take-out if you prefer; otherwise please be sure to make a reservation when coming to the Club. Hope to see you at the Club soon. Robert J DeFeo Operations and HR Chairman Vice Chairman

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