MIYC June July 2020

Marco Island Yacht Club Anchor Lines

June/July 2020

Volume 20:6 & 7

Adventures Aboard Paradox Dr. Dave Randall and Dr. Shelly Derrough

Having entered our second year with Paradox II, a Seahorse 52 trawler, we have learned that she rides similarly to other round – bottomed boats - a moderate beam sea sends her rolling (no fun). Our Sea Gyro, an Australian product, is similar to but different from the more familiar Seakeeper. Our gadget has a vertically spinning drum that dampens roll in a passive way, much like a spinning top. Anyway, a previous run from Fort Myers south had us taking two to three footers on the side and acquiring a roll that the Admiral (Shelly) pronounced – in no uncertain terms - as being, “not fun.” Fortunately, the Seahorse’s hull has reinforced fiberglass (although we learned not enough) forward of the engines to accept stabilizers. We considered the Westmar (which could be installed on Fort Myers) and other units but opted for the more ubiquitous Naiads which necessitated a trip to Dania Beach on the east coast. We planned the three – day trip via Marathon with a transition inside at south Miami. Our intrepid sailing buddies, Rich and Kim, joined us for the voyage and may be known to club members as they accompanied us on a couple other extended cruises. Commodore Rosenberg had informally installed Rich as the Assistant - Fleet - Surgeon - In - Training last year. Our log reflects an early start for the 92 – mile leg to Marathon. King Neptune gave us a somewhat rocky ride with 3 to 5 - foot swells that, fortunately, approached us just off the bow and minimized roll. We took a mooring ball in Boot Key Harbor to enjoy a yummy Philly cheese steak dinner. Tip: put the beef in the freezer for about 40 minutes to stiffen it and facilitate thin slicing. (More on page 31)

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