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Illuminated Designs

Illuminated Designs

Hotel Room Signage

Oxidized Non-Directional Brass

Oxidized Non-Directional Bronze

Satin Stainless Steel

Polished Brass

Brushed Brass Aluminum Metalam TM #915

Beautiful illuminated room sign identifiers for hotels and condominium complexes. Warm white LED illumination says “ Welcome, you are home .” Available in all architectural metals and finishes, from basic to more deluxe versions, these room identifiers are suitable for all levels of signage applications. Several identifiers can be powered from one LED driver, making installation quick and easy. ADA compliant raised direct print or traditional Applique room numbers and Braille rasters meet code and aid the visually challenged. These signs are vandal resistant and UL approved.

Size (as shown) • Front Identifier Plate: 3.75’’ x 8’’ x .188’’ (sizes can vary) • Rear Light Bar: 1.5’’ x 7.75’’ x .75’’ Light Source : 3000K (as shown) • All “K Values” and colors available Materials : • Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Yellow Brass, Bronze, Copper and Metalam TM Finishes : • Satinbrite TM , Mirror Polish*, Non-Directional, Powder Coat, Metalam TM (all Chemetal TM offerings) Mounting :

• Drywall fasteners, masonry anchors, wood screws or VHB tape and adhesive

Bronze Powder Coat

Black Powder Coat



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