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Swarnendu Kumar Biswas

the importance of DISC Swarnendu Kumar Biswas holds a Business Master’s in Marketing from the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune. A graduate in Humanities, he schooled at India’s premier public school, the Mayo College, Ajmer and is certified on the ‘DISC model’ of Behavioural Understanding, Success Insights International and is pursuing the ‘CPBA’ programme from TTI Performance Ltd, USA DISC is the universal language of behaviour & emotions. Simply put, it is the language of “how we act” or behave - our manner of doing things. Though its roots trace way back to Empodocles in 444 B.C.– the modern version and reports owe their existence to Dr. William Moulton Marston (1893-1947) who also invented the ‘lie-detector’in 1938.This transition from a very basic model to detailed reports has major contributions from Hippocrates, Galen & also Carl Jung over the centuries. Core Behaviours D = Dominance, high D’s are naturally competitive, aggressive and result oriented.They have an inherent need to direct,to be continually challenged and a strong desire to win. High D's are to the point and tend to be high risk takers.

trustworthy, confident and highly persuasive. Known for wearing their "heart on their sleeve" and their enthusiasm. S = Steadiness, high S’s are deliberate, patient and team players. They have an inherent need to serve. They are loyal, patient, relaxed and promote security and harmony, long-term relationships and strive to maintain status quo. C = Compliance, high C’s are conscientious, precise and sensitive. They have an inherent need for order, stability and procedures. They’re "by the book" and are attentive to detail with a strong desire to be right and will always ask for proof and evidence. Each of us usually have one of four ‘Core Behaviours’, this usually dictates how we naturally operate - our natural graph and our adapted behavioural style – our adapted graph or how we adjust to the demands of our environment. This is crucial to understanding how our strengths and weaknesses may be leveraged maximally, also thereby; identify causes of our causes of underlying stress.

I = Influence, high I’s are enthusiastic, persuasive and gregarious.They have an inherent need to interact with others and be liked.They are naturally

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Niket Karajagi is the founder director of Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited, Pune which contributes to top corporate brands globally. He is an established international management consultant and an innovative human resource trainer with niche areas of expertise & contributions. Niket is an authority on creativity & innovation, emotional intelligence and statistical methodologies apart from his operations background in understanding of management processes

Niket Karajagi

TALENT MANAGEMENT Talent happens to be the back bone of all successful organizations. Thus talent needs to be identified and fast tracked at all times.

One of the best methodologies to identify the talent is an assessment centre. Choice of simulations is the defining factor of the success of an Assessment Centre. The assessment should also be based on identified competencies in the desired business domain.

Assessment centres need to be designed and implemented with stringent control.The choice of assessors is important here. It is best to have operations people with a behavioural assessment experience. Once identified as talent in the assessment centre, the selected candidates must be then observed under certain controlled environments. Once satisfied with the performance, the organization must then work out a succession plan. Talent thus identified must be then systematically developed for future opportunities. One of the development initiatives is on job training through job rotations.Strategic projects and opportunities always excite the talent.The factors that retain the talent are challenging opportunities and fast tracking options. A long term succession planning process and mentoring initiatives would surely help in retention of talent. World Class Companies initiate superior talent management process. They also tap into the personal vision of their employees and offer them opportunities in line with their interests.Talent management is thus one of the best processes for creating business managers within the organization. It is best to nurture talent within, than to look for lateral hires. Promote only those who practice and profess the organization culture. It is imperative thus for organizations to look at their talent management process should they choose to evolve as World Class Organizations.

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