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Real Stories About Pipedrive From The Frontline of Covid-19 This week’s story is about Karen who is a commercial loan officer for a large regional bank on the west coast. Background  Karen is using Performance Insights’ version of Pipedrive for Financial Services . Pipedrive has been configured for portfolio management with automated ‘to-do-lists’ and ‘key account plans . Karen receives real-time notifications for past-due payments, up-dated risk ratings, loan reviews, and covenant testing in Pipedrive. These notifications come from loan administration via Pipedrive and are prioritized in a ‘to-do- list’. The ‘to-do-list’ is updated daily and prioritized based on credit administration business rules. The automated system is designed to keep everyone, working from home and office, on the same page with prioritized alerts, notifications and key account plans. Today, Karen has switched her attention and focus from new account acquisition to portfolio management. She has no face-to-face meetings with loan administration or with her customers.

Karen’s story (edit) April 14, 2020 It is 9:00 am on the west coast.

Working from home, Karen has her young daughter doing her homework online. She opens Pipedrive and reviews today’s To-Do-List which has been remotely updated overnight by loan administration with several new notifications. Reviewing the list, Karen sees that one of her best clients has a past due loan payment and is late with rent roll reporting. The notification has been automatically prioritized to the top of her To-Do-List in Pipedrive. The client is a property company with a $1.0 million commercial real estate (NOOCRE) loan. The loan is for a small office building with four tenants. Karen calls the CFO of the property management company. The CFO tells Karen that one of the four tenants in the building has gone out of business due to the Covid-19 crisis. The tenant was unable to get any PPP or EIDL funding in time and has filed for bankruptcy. After listening, Karen asks the CFO what he plans to do about the past due loan payments. He says, “I would like to furlough payments for six months and extend the term of the loan”. Karen wants to help and needs to collect current financials. The CFO emails her several PDF documents. The CFO stays on the phone with Karen as they analyze the financials and projected future cashflows. Karen tells the CFO that she will talk with loan administration and will call him in the afternoon. She uses Pipedrive to set the appointment. Karen then attaches the PDF documents to the notification in her Pipedrive To-Do-List and returns the notification to loan administration with a request for an immediate call. A manager in loan administration calls within 30 minutes. Together Karen and the manager collaborate on a key account plan in Pipedrive. The bank will make a concession to the client and agree to furlough loan payments for six months but they will ask for (1) a rate adjustment; (2) additional collateral and personal guarantee; and (3) a covenant that requires more frequent reporting. Together, Karen and the loan administration manager, build a six month Key Account Plan in Pipedrive. The plan includes a schedule of tasks that include (1) monthly reporting; (2) updated loan documents and (3) a series of scheduled phone appointments to help the CFO secure a new tenant. (The bank has pre-built playbooks for helping their clients secure new tenants stored in Pipedrive)

The Key Account Plan, with automated notifications) is synced with Karen’s To-Do-List. Tasks will be tracked and reported on in a variety of daily reports to loan administration. The manager of loan administration updates the clients risk rating which is sent to the customer’s profile in Pipedrive. The risk rating will prompt future alerts, notifications and automated updates to Karen’s To-Do-List. Karen calls her client at 2:00 pm. They agree to the plan. The CFO tells Karen “I appreciate you helping me deal with this situation so quickly, with everything I am dealing with I am very relieved this situation is taken care of ”. Karen notifies loan administration and remotely assigns them the task of generating the updated loan document. In a single day, with the help of Pipedrive, Karen worked with six clients in her To-Do-List, had lunch with her daughter and was able to send emails to several other clients. This is the new reality on the frontline of Covid-19. Remotely working from home and using state-of-the-art tools like Pipedrive tailored specifically for portfolio management.

If you would like to see a demo of Karen’s Pipedrive system please call or email Ron Buck.

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