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Supplies over 5,100 Windows and Doors Crystal Window & Doors nears completion of DC area project

LEXANDRIA, VA — The efforts Crystal Window & Door Sys- tems to supply 5,192 windows and doors for a Washington, DC-area apartment complex are successfully drawing to clo- sure. The multi-year window replacement project involved the five 16-story multifamily buildings of Southern Towers Apartments located at 4901 Seminary Rd. in Alexandria. Crystal is currently mak - ing deliveries to the last two remaining buildings in the complex. Spanning several years, the window replacement project was phased by building, with several window contrac- tors handling each phase of work, but Crystal supplying the entire project. A variety of Crystal’s heavy- commercial aluminum win- dows and doors were used on the project. By far the most prevalent window used for the Southern Towers project was the Crystal Series 5600 alumi - num sliding window. Fabricated in both 2-lite and 3-lite (with fixed center-lite) versions, the window has a 3-¼” deep frame and is rated AW-PG40 and AW-PG50, re - A

rating of AW-PG75. Also, the two buildings completed early in the project used some of the now discontinued Crystal heavy commercial aluminum Series 6200 sliding windows. All the Crystal windows and doors for the replacement project called for 1” insulated glass units using Vitro Solar - ban 60 lowE glass and Argon gas filling. To facilitate the re - placement installation, all the Crystal windows were specified with face flange frames, and snap trim and clip accessories. The latest windows for the project’s final phase were fin - ished in a durable AAMA 2604 custom “silver shadow” powder coat paint. Windows for earlier project phases used similar shades of light gray. The Southern Towers Apartments complex is cur- rently owned and operated by the CIM Group . Since the window replacement work began in 2015, three fenestra- tion contracting firms have been awarded various phases of the work: AWI of Freder - ick, MD; Caffes-Steele of Beltsville, MD; and most re - cently Hi-Rise Windows of Bethesda, MD. MAREJ

spectively. The Crystal Se - ries 5600 features continuous full-height sash clip lock pull rails, dual stainless steel sash rollers, and optional opening limit stops for safety, security, and ease of operation. Some of the buildings used large, 161” wide by 59” tall 3-lite versions of the Series 5600 to span wide building openings. Other buildings used the Crystal Series 5100 aluminum fixed picture window flanked by Series 5600 sliders to span large openings. The Series 5100 is also a 3-¼” window with an outstanding AW-PG100 rating. A handful of Crystal’s popular aluminum Series 1450 swing terrace doors were specified for the two early phase build- ings. The terrace door is a 3-¼” in-swing door with an AAMA Southern Towers Apartments

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