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How My Dad’s Lessons Shaped My Life

The lessons I learned from my dad have affected many parts of my life. At almost every age, he had some defining lesson to teach or wisdom to provide that helped me become who I am today. Even through my parents’ divorce, our dad made an effort to be a positive, genuine force in our lives. Looking back now, I can say that he definitely succeeded. When I was growing up, Dad was the disciplinarian. If I was ever in trouble with him, I was really in trouble. In sixth grade, I finished up my school year with four Cs on my report card. My dad grounded me to our property all summer. He knew my grades could be better, and he knew that I knew it, too. That summer taught me how important good grades were to him, and by the time the next school year rolled around, they were important to me, too. No matter how hard it may seem to spend a whole summer grounded, I can now appreciate the positive effect it had on me and my academics. My dad was also a phenomenal provider. He always made sure our needs were met, even through college. My dad paid for all of our college expenses. Because of him, I

graduated without debt. His provision exemplified the value of self-reliance, and I have tried to mirror that in my life. After I graduated from college, I planned to move to San Diego to be with my girlfriend, who still had one year of college left. I went to see my dad before I left, and he gave me this advice: He said that 99.9 percent of relationships end over money, so I needed to make sure I could afford myself and be able to provide for my girlfriend. Even though my girlfriend had a full-time job as an engineer soon after she graduated, my dad told me not to rely on her income for the both of us. I followed his advice, and my girlfriend became my wife.

They care about results. Similarly, when I went through a rough season in college, he told me that sometimes life gets hard, and that I would just have to soldier through it. For him, there was no other way to put it, and I’m thankful for his no-nonsense approach to helping us be successful and self-sufficient. For all the tough advice he gave, dad cared for us deeply. When I was leaving for college, I remember him very clearly telling me that whatever I wanted to do, I could do it, and he would have my back. The deviation from his normal tone was jarring. It made me understand that ultimately, it was always his goal to take care of me. I’m so grateful for everything my dad did for me, and I want to wish all the fathers out there a happy Father’s Day this month. Thank you for everything you do.


The last thing that stands out about my dad was the high bar he set for us. The way he conveyed it could come off as harsh, but reality can be harsh, and looking back, I can appreciate that our dad didn’t coddle us. After almost making a basket in a basketball game when I was younger, my dad told me almost doesn’t count. In life, people don’t always care about your effort.

–Duane Hamilton

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