LED Lighting Buyers Guide


Based in Old Worthington Ohio, Forthright Energy Solutions is a full-service energy advisory company. We eliminate unnecessary energy expenses as well as advise on ever expanding energy procurement strategies. All backed by 14 years of proven energy market experience. At Forthright we help you find the best energy solutions for today and tomorrow.

WHAT WE DO FOR OUR CLIENTS We take a customized approach with each client to uncover possibilities for energy improvements. Together, we’ll evaluate products, suppliers and strategies. You’ll receive a customized savings analysis and benefits plan by a member of our solutions team, followed by timely integration. You can

SOLUTIONS WE FOCUS ON • Invoice Audits • Electricity & Natural Gas Generation Supply Procurement • Lighting Site Audits & Efficiency Analysis • LED Lighting Material & Controls • Utility Efficiency Rebate Administration • Demand Response • Capacity & Peak Shaving Strategies

ADDITIONAL ENERGY SOLUTIONS • Private Electric Distribution Systems • On-site Co-Generation • Power Factor Correction, Line Conditioning & Surge Protection • Electric Forklift Battery Systems • Government Tax Incentives & Grants • Wind & Solar On-site & Virtual

count on us to be actively engaged to evaluate its progress.


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