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Effective with the 2019-2020 school year, the new Indiana Graduation Pathways allow MCCSC students to demonstrate their preparation for their life after high school - college, a job, the military, advanced training, and more. The pathways provide every MCCSC student with: • knowledge and engagement of individual career interests and career options • a strong foundation of academic and technical skills • the skills needed to be successful in whatever they choose to do after high school GRADUATION PATHWAYS REQUIREMENTS 1 EARN A DIPLOMA — select the course requirements for diploma designation. General OR Core 40 OR Academic Honors OR Technical Honors In conversation with your guidance counselor, customize your education by completing an option in each of the three categories

2 EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS — select one option to show your employability skills. Project-Based Learning School-approved, authentic project that leads to sustained inquiry around a challenging problem. Service-Based Learning School-approved, on-going service that connects to your coursework. OR OR

Work-Based Learning School approved, work- based partnerships that use the concepts, skills, and dispositions from coursework.

3 POST-SECONDARY READY — select one option to show you are ready for life after high school.

Honors Diploma Fulfill the requirements to earn an Academic or Technical Honors Diploma

Pre-College Credit Complete at least three: Dual credit courses and earn a “C” average or higher and/or Advanced Placement (AP) exams with a score of 3 or higher

College and Career Readiness Test Use at least one option to meet college-ready benchmarks or placement qualification

Industry Credential and Workforce Readiness Participate in at least one option: State & industry recognized Credential or Certification State, federal, or industry recognized apprenticeship Career Technical Education Concentrator (2 advanced courses)




ASVAB (min. score in one area) 31 Army 31 Marines 35 Navy 36 Air Force 45 Coast Guard

ACT (in two of the four subjects: English or reading and math or science) English – 18 or Reading – 22 AND Math – 22 or Science – 23

SAT (in English and math) English – 480 Math – 530

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