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Indiana College Core The Indiana College Core is a block of 30 credit hours of general education college-level coursework that transfers seamlessly among all Indiana public colleges and universities. Students can start earning these credits in high school!

Who should earn the Indiana College Core?

High school students who are planning to enroll in college after graduation. Students should talk to their school counselors about whether the Indiana College Core is the right choice for them—based on availability at their high school, their expected major and the colleges where they might enroll.

Hoosiers entering college who aren’t sure what major to pursue. The Indiana College Core is a good option for Hoosiers who are entering college at an Indiana public institution who aren’t sure which major to declare. Because the Core is 30-credit hours of general education courses, it will transfer into and support students on their way to most degrees.

Make sure to talk to your high school counselor or college advisor. Talking to an expert at your school will help you make the best, most relevant and efficient course selections— whether you’re enrolling in high school or college.

Learn more about the Indiana College Core at transferIN.net.

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