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Batchelor Television (B-TV)

B-TV is a film and video production class that produces a variety of student films including documentaries, original student screenplays, PSA’s, original music videos, and a weekly school newscast. B-TV students travel ed to Poland as official press for the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz ceremony, and to England for a student exchange with our sister school. B-TV is celebrating the program’s 20th year with a strong commitment Winner of over 500 state, national, and international awards.

Honored at the United Nations in New York City for winning their age division in the Peace in the Streets Global Film Festival.

to excellence and high student achievement. Numerous students have gone on to have careers in fields closely related to video production.

Winner of the middle school division of the Lowell Milken Center Discovery Awards.

STEM Skills for the 21st Century

This year-long, two class- period course combines science, technology, engineering, design, and mathematics in a problem-based learning environment. Students

Develop 5 C’s - Curiosity, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking

learn basic science, engineering, and design concepts then apply those ideas to solve real-world problems. Foundational concepts include robotics, physics, chemistry, genetics, design, and modeling, The capstone of the class is a semester-long project designing a solution to a science-based problem which will be presented to the community.

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