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65% of our students are enrolled in a World Language class (Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese)

Seven periods a day, two semesters a year Tuesdays: homeroom/advisory period for group activities, convocations, and competitions. Thursday Office Hours: students are assigned or can choose between activities that are for the purpose of Enrichment, Remediation, Service, or Fitness. Each week, there are new activities for students to engage in with teachers and members of our community.

Located in the rolling hills of Southern Indiana, Jackson Creek Middle School is 140,000 square feet of space located on 13 acres.

Meeting the needs of approximately 640 students, Jackson Creek offers a comprehensive academic program for middle school learners ranging from Community-Based Special Education Programming to Accelerated Learning Programming. Jackson Creek has 38 certified and highly qualified staff members that offer courses ranging from the core curriculum subjects of science, social studies, math, and language arts, to elective offerings such as physical education, band, choir, orchestra, art, technology, family and consumer sciences, video production, and three different world languages.

Opportunities to earn high school credit toward graduation in a world language, Algebra and/or Geometry

Raised $20,326.57 for the IU Health Bloomington Olcott Cancer Center

Our Philosophy

Smaller learning communities: Teachers of science, social studies, and language arts team together to provide interdisciplinary learning activities to cohorts of students, developing students’ academic relationships with teachers and peers.

Dream, Explore, and Learn. We want students to dream they can be whomever they want to be and do whatever they want to do. Explore and try new experiences and to not be afraid to fail. We provide students with extensive opportunities to explore new activities and skills, possibly encouraging them to fall in love with something they can pursue for the rest of their lives. Lastly, we want all students to learn . We believe that every student must have access to a guaranteed and rigorous curriculum, allowing students to leverage their learning in their future endeavors.

I love all of the different people here and all of the different communities they come from.” —JCM student

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