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Diverse student body prepares students to engage with a dynamic, global community.

Bloomington High School North is a vibrant learning community serving 1,650 students in grades

Two semester, alternating block schedule with maroon and gold days. Each day consists of four 80 minute classes. Students are able to earn 64 credits over the course of four years with many opportunities for electives. Tutorial North has Tutorial periods Tuesday through Friday with opportunities for intervention, enrichment, and clubs. Cougar Den Cougar Den offers students and teachers the chance to build community. Freshmen use this time for a year-long introduction to high school alongside upperclassmen who serve as Cougar Leader mentors. Sophomores through Seniors use this time to strengthen their connection to North and prepare for life beyond high school.

nine through twelve. A dedicated faculty of 120 educators works hard to ensure that students’ social, emotional, and academic needs are met. One of North’s greatest assets is the diversity found vibrancy found in the wider Bloomington community. Teenagers from a number of ethnic, cultural, and socio- economic backgrounds gather daily to learn alongside each other. They exchange stories, ideas, and ways of within our student body. Our school reflects the Culturally Responsive Teaching that values and gives voice to students of various backgrounds

experiencing the world. Teachers receive regular training on culturally responsive practices thanks to the efforts of faculty experts and district consultants. As a result, North students are well-prepared to engage with a dynamic, global community after high school. Learning at North isn’t just about

19 Advanced Placement courses and numerous dual-credit classes linked to Indiana University and Ivy Tech

Our block schedule and tutorial system helps us with

time management and allows more time with teachers for more caring relationships & in-depth learning.” —BHSN student

memorizing facts and figures to pass a test. Our academic programs are designed to help students think critically,

engage purposively, and be prepared to positively influence the wider world. The paths students take to reach those goals are as varied as the students themselves. Cougars have access to college preparatory, honors, and university-level courses in

Core components of learning: social- emotional learning, critical thinking, and purposeful engagement.

all major subject areas. Students can pursue advanced coursework at Indiana University through IU Release, earn credit for completing internships at local businesses

and community partners, or prepare for employment and industry certification through Hoosier Hills Career Center.

Extensive internship opportunities

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