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Schedule Bloomington South operates on a trimester schedule with three 12-week semesters. This daily schedule gives us the most time for individual courses and allows our teachers to see their students every day. In addition to five classes each day, students also have a 45-minute support period. Students meet in SRTs for one day.

At South, we are what we honor, monitor and pay attention to. Our award-winning faculty have

worked hard and committed resources to guaranteeing a very strong and diverse curriculum which includes a high assortment of college prep, dual college

Four-Star School

credit and AP courses along with a wide array of elective classes that cover everything from music and art to technology.

Panther Plus helps me stay caught up and I’ve never been in a school that makes me stay caught up. Opportunities are unique and that includes teachers who are willing to put in work and make sure we are all learning." —BHSS student

This diverse curriculum is visible in the high levels of SAT and AP success that our students achieve. We

Consistently received A rating

outperform schools similar in size both in scores and, more importantly, in the number of students we have taking the SAT and AP courses.

We have committed to a collaborative system in which all students can learn because completing high school is the key to moving on to moving forward. Our graduates

Have Pride in yourself and the Panthers!

assure us that they have been well-prepared for both college and career opportunities after high school. We could go on and on about our school, but instead, we invite you to join us. We look forward to meeting you, and encourage you to always: Have pride in yourself, and the Panthers!

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