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Dual Credit and AP Courses

DESN 105 Architectural Design I (CEA) ECED 101 Health, Safety, and Nutrition HLHS 100 Intro to Health Careers HOSP 101 Sanitation and First Aid HOSP 102 Basic Food Theory and Skills HOSP 105 Introduction to Baking HSPS 106 Fire Suppression HSPS 121 Hazmat Awareness and Operations HSPS 125 Emergency Medical Responder

Ivy Tech Community College - Terra Haute AGRI 102 Ag Business and Farm Management AGRI 103 Animal Science AGRI 105 Plant and Soil Science AGRI 115 Survey of Horticulture AGRI 116 Survey of Horticulture AUBR 101 Body Repair I AUBR 103 Automotive Paint Fundamentals AUTI 100 Introduction to Automotive AUTI 111 Electrical Systems I AUTI 121 Brake Systems AUTI 131 Engine Performance AUTI 141 Engine Fundamentals and Repair ECED 100 Introduction to Early Childhood Education INDT 114 Introduction to Welding LAND 103 Landscape Management I WELD 108 ARC Welding I WELD 207 Gas Metal Ace (MIG) Ivy Tech Community College - Bloomington BIOT 107 Human Body Systems and Biomedical Innovationn

HSPS 165 Fire Fighter I HSPS 167 Fire Fighter II MPRO 100 Plant Floor MPRO 106 Safety

Vincennes University CMET 140 Computer Maintenance I CMET 185 Computer Maintenance II CNST 100 Construction Seminar CNST 120 Construction Safety COSM 100 Cosmetology COSM 150 Cosmetology COSM 200 Cosmetology COSM 250 Cosmetology HIMT 110 Medical Terminology

DESN 104 Mechanical Graphics (POE) DESN 105 Architectural Design I (CEA)

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