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At MCCSC, we are committed to partnering with families to ensure student success. We know this means serving a diverse community of students with a varied set of learning needs, including students with disabilities, students who are English language learners, and students who are designated high ability. As a school corporation, we developed a tier of supports that customize instruction, intervention and enrichment. This means our highly qualified teachers build relationships with you and your child, engage varied approaches to assess needs, and deliver specially designed instruction to meet the unique learning needs of your son or daughter. In MCCSC, no matter what you need, we are there for you. Here is a visual representation of our tiered system of supports.

Core Curriculum • Course specific standards-based, grade-level instruction • Grade-level reading & • Differentiation • Inclusive practices • Implementation of student- centered learning plans • Social-emotional learning • Equity-oriented curriculum writing embedded in content instruction Supports • Alignment to classroom assessments • Additional time for content/ skill remediation • Targeted small groups • One-on-one • Pre-teaching/reteaching • Alternative instructional delivery

Intensive Intervention: instruction for students with significant academic or behavioral needs

Strategic Instruction: explicit instruction and/or guided practice in targeted key areas

Core Instruction: standards-based instruction for every learner

Services for Diverse Learners (e.g. high ability, special education, English language learners) are individualized and available at every tier of support


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