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We Bring the World Together

What is Exploration?

Exploration is a state of becoming. Of seeking a path — perhaps well-worn, perhaps hardly carved — and knowing that the end isn’t a destination, but the next beginning. It’s the process by which you unearth the curiosities and truths within you, and begin to develop a sense of self that will illuminate your purpose and your potential to make a difference in the world. EXPLO is short for Exploration, a not-for-profit education innovator that brings curiosity, engagement, and humanity to teaching and learning. Since 1976 our summer programs have enrolled more than 80,000 students from 50 states and 90 countries, and we continue to work with schools, policymakers, and business leaders to challenge traditional approaches to education in favor of creativity, design thinking, and a critical making mindset. Our summer programs are internationally acclaimed and we are experts at what we do. With more than 40 full-time employees and an extensive teaching and learning team, we spend all year planning for our summer sessions and dedicate every moment to making sure that this will be your child’s most incredible summer.

Imagine growing up with friends from six continents and developing an intimate understanding of their customs, beliefs, and ways of thinking without even realizing it. At EXPLO, students interact with individuals from more than 70 countries starting the moment they arrive on campus. And what begins as an international program very quickly becomes a global community. To prepare our students to navigate an increasingly interconnected world, we make sure we expose you to students from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and ways of life from day one. You could share a room with a student from Rio or Helsinki, explore musical influences with Koreans or Spaniards, or scout out and analyze marine life with Italians, Australians, or New Yorkers. And all with the purpose of ensuring that early exposure to people from all over the globe will open you up to seeing the world not just from your perspective — but also from theirs.


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