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Little Brother, Kaden and Big Brother, Uday

MESSAGE from the Headmaster

Loading a school bus with bags of essentials headed to Bayview Mission.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for CSB’s new and improved Lost and Found

I WAS RECENTLY INVOLVED in a conversation with adults from a variety of professional backgrounds. At one point, the facilitator asked the group to consider those people who played the most influential role in our lives. In my estimation, well over half of the group responded by mentioning a teacher. I expect that if CSB alumni took this same poll, the response rate would be even higher. In hindsight, the popularity of this response shouldn’t have surprised me. In fact, when you consider the amount of time we spend in school, and when you reflect upon the ultimate purposes of education, especially at a school like CSB, this recognition makes perfect sense. It is the role of teachers, I feel, to positively influence the lives of students. Hopefully, each of us, at some point, has benefited from their influence. I also responded by mentioning teachers. One was a hard- driving high school history teacher and soccer coach, who somehow managed to get more out of me than I ever knew possible. The other was a college English professor, who helped me appreciate the brilliance of Wordsworth and Keats during heated battles on the squash court. Both took a personal interest in me and my development, and their influence in my life persists to this day.

Over the course of last year, the CSB staff and students have considered the role of heroes in our lives. Many of the heroes that we have identified are the ones you might expect—parents, athletes, Samaritans. However, I have been impressed by the frequency with which our students have identified CSB teachers as their heroes. This recognition constitutes such a fitting tribute to the dedication that our teachers have to each and every boy at this school. Although their heroism is often unassuming, their influence, at least in my estimation, is immeasurable. In my opinion, and hopefully in the opinion of our boys, Superman may fly, but never as high as a CSB teacher.


The Big Brothers, Little Brothers program develops bonds between students of the Upper School and Lower School, and provides a connection that the boys might not

otherwise gain during their busy school lives. FOR THE UPPER SCHOOLERS, having a “little brother” at school provides them with an opportunity to be leaders and role models. They learn what it means to be accountable to someone with needs different from their own. They all have the experience of being looked up to, and appreciated for being who they are. “Kaden is my hero because he’s awesome, funny, tiny, and cute.” – UDAY

FOR THE LOWER SCHOOLERS, having a “big brother” gives them a tangible role model, and someone they can look to for guidance and encouragement. While brothers change from year to year, some of these bonds last beyond CSB.

All the Best,

Burns Jones Headmaster

“Uday is my hero because he takes care of me and plays with me.”


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