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philosophy through some of my business friends later in life, and it hit home for me as much as it did for millions of others. As I started focusing my business toward working with other business owners, I was introduced to the Ziglar family at a small-business conference. Now, I’ve been representing the family for about six years. When I heard of Zig’s legacy while growing up, I never imagined that I would one day get to be in a position to help protect it, much less be his lawyer. To start, I connected with Zig Ziglar’s son, Tom. I like working with positive people, and you don’t get more positive than Tom and the rest of the Ziglar family. Right away, Tom and I hit it off. I called my dad right after meeting him because I was so excited. Riding in the same car as Tom Ziglar was surreal. I heard Zig’s wisdom and words coming through his son. Tom is constantly creating, and everything he develops with his dad’s legacy is to help individuals and small-business owners improve their position in life. Last year, I completed Ziglar’s legacy certification training so I can teach their methods. It’s been rewarding to not just serve as their lawyer but to also be part of carrying on Zig’s legacy. Ziglar reaches tens of millions of people a year. His emphasis on self-improvement tied to service is a Ziglar hallmark. If you purposefully invest in yourself, you can make a difference for others. People want instant success, but you have to work on yourself first. You have to improve and become what you want to be, and then you can have the things you want. Through Zig’s family, his message continues to reach people. It’s been an honor and quite a lot of fun to represent Zig’s legacy. The Ziglars are truly good people. Something that’s become clear to me working with the Ziglar family is the importance of relationships in business. In our practice, we don’t just have clients; we have friends. Everything we do is relationship-based, so we get to know our clients on a deep and personal level. Zig was right: You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want. – Scott


F ew names are more synonymous with positivity and motivation than Zig Ziglar. When I was a kid, my father, who was a salesperson, went to conferences and came back extolling Ziglar’s name. Dad always had Ziglar’s tapes around the house, and I would often hear his words of wisdom. Almost everyone is familiar with Zig’s lessons. Through the ‘80s and ‘90s, Zig was the No. 1 sales and motivational speaker, and he inspired millions of people to live the lives they want and find success. I was reintroduced to his

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