King's Business - 1964-06

Translated by Geoffrey IV. Bromiley


Editors: Gerhard Kittel and Gerhard Friedrich

Volume 1 $18.50

Journal of Biblical Literature — "One of the few Biblical studies of this generation that is destined for immortality." New York Times — "There is nothing else quite like 'Kittel' in authority." Rev. George H. Tavard — " It is an indispensable reference work for Bible scholars of all denominations and traditions." Bruce Metzger — "Generations of students will gain deeper in­ sights into Biblical theology." James Daane — "A mountain of scholarship . . . there is no substitute for it." Robert McAfee Brown — "A major event in the English-speak­ ing theological world. The standard and indispensable ref­ erence work." Frederick W. Danker — "Many articles contain far more on a given passage than some first-rate commentaries." Oscar Cullmann — "An indispensable tool for the expert as well as for the minister." Hans Kung — "No serious Catholic theologian can pass over this fundamental work of Biblical theology." James Martin — "Makes available the theological riches of the NT in a way which will challenge and excite."

WM . B. E E R D M A N S PUB L I SH I NG CO. Grand Rapids, Michigan

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