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Ambient Noise Is Louder Than Ever — Here’s How to Avoid It Looking for a Quiet Restaurant? Try SoundPrint

more, hearing loss from all causes is the third-most prevalent chronic health condition in the country, topped only by diabetes and cancer. But the damage goes beyond physical health. If you are one of the unlucky 30 percent of people suffering from hearing loss, noise pollution can drastically hinder your ability to communicate with your loved ones. There’s a reason that so many people with hearing difficulty stop going out to restaurants, withdraw into their homes, and decide that communication is just too much effort. Luckily, there’s SoundPrint, a new app that helps users pinpoint restaurants and cafes that aren’t drowning in noise, allowing you to have a conversation without being overwhelmed by everything else that’s going on in the background.

The app uses a decibel reader to show users the exact level of noise wherever they are and allows them to upload “noise reviews” to warn other users about loud places they should avoid. It’s easy to use. All you need to do is open the map, check around for areas rated “Quiet” or “Moderate,” and head there for a more casual, less strenuous dining experience. There are even lists on SoundPrint.co of certified “Quiet Spots” in cities like NYC, San Francisco, and even Las Vegas! Though SoundPrint is still in its early days, it’s already an incredibly useful tool for those of us who prefer a quieter place to relax and talk with those we love. Check it out and let us know your experience — we’d love to hear if the app has helped you steer clear of the noise of daily life.

“Before I visited Hearing Center of Long Island, I was trying to wear a hearing aid that was given to me by a relative. It was not much help, as it was not customized for me. I was skeptical that anything would be better. “Fortunately, I attended a presentation by Hearing Center of Long Island director Dr. Lawrence Cardano. I learned the right questions to ask and how I might be able to solve my hearing problems. “After the presentation, I visited Hearing Center of Long Island. The doctors there took the time to find out what my concerns were and what 2 • We’re listening to you. The world is loud. Have you noticed? Between the music blasting in department stores, the raucous clatter of traffic, and — most notoriously — the overwhelming din you experience the instant you step into a restaurant, we’re guessing that nearly everybody has felt the level of ambient noise cranking up a few notches in recent years. Though you may not realize it, this noise is more than just annoying. Over time it can cause permanent hearing loss. We can see that, as noise pollution becomes more and more of an issue, hearing difficulty among adults of all ages is on the rise. Today, according to a 2017 report by the CDC, 1 in 3 adults suffer from noise-induced hearing loss. What’s

What Our Patients Are Saying

was important to me. They customized a solution for me and helped me get used to better hearing easily. Now I enjoy wearing my hearing aids and hearing well in situations where I used

Mr. Catalano with his son, Richard Jr., and Dr. Larry

to have trouble, like having conversations with family members and listening to TV. “I would highly recommend Hearing Center of Long Island to anyone having difficulty with their hearing.”

-Richard Catalano, Malverne, NY

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