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TRANSACTIONS CH ENGINEERING JOINS PENNONI Pennoni, a multidisciplinary consulting engineering firm headquartered in Philadelphia, announced the purchase of certain assets of CH Engineering located in Raleigh, North Carolina. The group will work as the CH Engineering Division of Pennoni. “We are delighted to welcome CH Engineering. This new addition allows Pennoni to expand our service offerings, boost staff and broaden our client base in the Carolinas region. Their reputation for hard work and dedication to clients will serve as a cornerstone in this new chapter. We look forward to developing strong and lasting client relationships for years to come with this new expansion,”

says president and CEO at Pennoni, David DeLizza. CH Engineering is an engineering and land surveying firm founded in 2000. Their client base includes state agencies, universities, municipalities, counties, architects, real estate developers, and other consulting engineering firms. CH Engineering strives to maintain and improve the safety, health and welfare of the public through providing quality design and allied services to the public and private sectors in the Carolinas. “This is a wonderful opportunity for growth for our firm. We are excited to join Pennoni and expand service offerings in the region. We are thrilled to expand

our work and to continue to service the Carolinas with a larger, full-service firm,” says general manager of CH Engineering, Maha Chambliss, PE. Chambliss, who will join Pennoni as a senior engineer, brings more than 30 years of experience. Prior to forming CH Engineering her experience included time spent with the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Chambliss is a graduate of North Carolina State University. Pennoni staff and the newly added staff from CH will work in Pennoni’s current Raleigh office located at 5430 Wade Park Boulevard, Suite 106, Raleigh, NC 27607.

anxious about a client proposal? Instead, reframe your thoughts that you are feeling excited. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Instead, you’re feeling motivated to succeed. Your internal “talk track” can make your emotions work to your advantage. 6. Put yourself in the client’s shoes. Empathy is vital to growing your EQ, and putting yourself in the client’s shoes can help you better understand their ideas, concerns, challenges, and how you can best help. It’s also important to remember that they view their time as valuable, and they are giving you some of that time because they want to hear what you have to say. Approaching a client meeting with that attitude can help foster a positive relationship with your new client. 7. Watch out for anything that triggers a fight, flight, or freeze reaction. In a client meeting, are there answers you didn’t expect or prepare for? Did someone say something that put you on edge? Don’t get defensive. Understand that certain things may trigger your fight, flight, or freeze emotions. Managing your emotions during meetings and knowing you may run into something that makes you uncomfortable can help you redirect your emotions positively. 8. Approach client relationships as a partnership. As a consultant, your job is to help your client succeed. Understanding the give and take of client relationships can set the foundation for long, fruitful partnerships. EQ can help grow your business, grow your career, and grow positive relationships. Be thoughtful in how you approach and manage your emotions, and you will find success building and maintaining meaningful client relationships and securing new business. Jay Kennedy is vice president of Texas operations at WSB. Connect with him on LinkedIn. Julie Thiel is vice president of human resources at WSB. Connect with her on LinkedIn.


informal in initial relationships before you know someone? Do you struggle to speak up and be assertive in group settings? Do you dominate conversations and cut people off during team meetings, rubbing some people the wrong way? Identifying your strengths and weaknesses and learning how to manage emotions will put you on a better footing with new clients. 2. Don’t approach a potential client meeting thinking you know everything. Clients are seeking your expertise, and they want to know what you bring to the table. But that doesn’t mean you should approach a new client meeting thinking you need to have all the answers. Stop, listen, and really pay attention to what the client needs, what they say, and how they say it. You’ll be able to offer more insightful solutions, as well as build a stronger working relationship. 3. Speak up. Listening is important, but clients are meeting with you because they want to hear what you have to say. Often, people feel more comfortable speaking up and offering contrary opinions when they are with people they know well. With new clients, understanding how to offer constructive critique or differing opinions is important to guide them in a positive direction. Find a balance to ensure you’re listening and offering input without dominating the conversation. 4. Prepare, prepare, and prepare. Meeting with a potential client is a high-pressure situation, and many people feel anxious approaching a new business relationship. But EQ is about managing emotions, and that means managing your anxiety. Preparing thoroughly for a proposal or presentation and doing your research can help you overcome nerves and make a stronger case on why you are the best person or firm for the job. 5. Reframe your state of mind. It takes conscious effort to change negativity into positivity, but reframing your emotions is helpful to build self-confidence. Feeling

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