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How My Kids Changed My Halloween Attitude

H appy Halloween, everyone! Growing up, I wasn’t sold on the idea of dressing up in fun costumes to trick or treat or attend parties when I was older. In fact, the most creative costume I ever put together was a Rocky Balboa-style sweatsuit that I wore after getting pressured to attend a college Halloween party. Though I’ve never been a fan, Halloween has started to grow on me, especially as the kids have gotten older and we’ve been able to do more activities together. Ever since they were little, Adrienne and I have dressed the kids up in costumes and toted them around to get candy from our neighbors. Since they’ve been able to comprehend the holiday, our kids have thoroughly enjoyed getting free candy and dressing up, and it’s been great to watch them get excited as the end of the month draws near. Emily and Alex have both been many different characters for Halloween. The first costume Emily ever wore was of a lion, and I laugh when I remember how she would try to eat the candy through the wrapper. We spent that night carrying her up and down the street because she was far too little to walk. The neighbors oohed and aahed over her adorable costume, and she got more candy than a toddler could eat in a year.

Emily has been characters from“Frozen” over the recent years, and Alex’s favorite

costumes have been a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and a policeman. Last year, Emily was a good witch, as you can see from the picture, and Alex was a member of the SWAT team. Some years, Adrienne, the kids, and I travel to Adrienne’s hometown to trick or treat and participate in the parade. Every year, the local kids dress up in their best Halloween costumes, meet in a parking lot with the high school band, and walk down Main Street to show off their costumes and Halloween spirits. After the kids reach the end of the street, Halloween has officially started, and the kids run door to door to get their candy. It’s so much fun to watch! ADORABLE COSTUME, AND SHE GOT MORE CANDY THAN A TODDLER COULD EAT IN A YEAR. THE NEIGHBORS OOHED AND AAHED OVER HER

One of my favorite Halloween memories is from when the kids insisted on trick-or-treating in the snow, the same exact time a Penn State football game was on TV! If you know me at all, you know I love Penn State, and there was no way I could miss the game. So, we all bundled up, and the kids trudged through the snow while I walked alongside, watching the game from my phone. That was a fun Halloween! This year, the kids and I will pick pumpkins together, scoop out the guts, and carve out our creations. Then, Emily and Alex will get dressed up, and we will trick or treat around our neighborhood. As the kids have gotten bigger, their legs have gotten stronger, and they are able to cover more and more ground. We’ll see how far they get this year!

– Michael M Gilbert, DPT | 1

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