The Google Earth Pro Pilot

rangeland-centric course, the module members started the content by highlighting the similarities and differences between rangelands and irrigated pastures. They then moved forward with the theoretical framework and practical application for the rest of the module. Modules 5 and 6 remained the same with one addition. Both modules received a video introduction. The introduction provided participants with information about the technologies needed to record and download GIS data.

Finally, Module 7 was recreated to provide examples of land management plans. The module team developed plans for small, medium, and large pastures.

Ultimately, it was clear and frequent communication between module leads and members with the course lead that allowed us to innovate the new curriculum.

Tools to Create Innovative Content for the GEP Onl ine Extension Co urse

Once our team members communicated how modules would evolve, we strategically used tools to help us innovate the new curriculum. For example, we storyboarded the content within each module, which helped us create a clear narrative for each module. We also used Final Cut Pro X, a software package with the ability to produce high-quality videos. Finally, we used a panorama kit that, when combined with a Nikon DSLR camera, could produce images that could be stitched together to produce 360-images.


Storyboarding was critical to creating innovative content for the online course. Specifically, the storyboarding process helped the module team and course lead keep content within the course scope and vision. Most important, storyboarding enabled us to create a product that module leads were able to send to the instructional designer. The instructional designer built the course content within Canvas, the learning management system used by OSU for credit and non-credit instruction.

Figure 1: Storyboard template

The storyboarding process is powerful because it organizes presentation content by placing visual content next to the narrated content. Storyboarding enabled the team lead and the module team to communicate with the instructional designer.

In addition to finding free storyboarding templates online, readers can access this storyboard template in Google Docs.


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