Kerrville: Is It Back Pain Or Sciatica?


Physical therapy at Kerrville Physical Therapy Center includes strengthening of core muscle groups, including the abdominal wall, which can have positive effects in patients with this condition. Exercise and manual therapy including spinal manipulation, have been shown to alleviate pain in many patients. In addition, patient education to remain active and use appropriate body mechanics is beneficial. Physical therapists are trained to identify which of these treatment strategies will be most effective for an individual patient, which further improves the effectiveness of care. In addition to building the core muscle groups, hands-on therapy to mobilize the spine has been shown to be particularly effective. Physical therapists can help patients develop a safe and effective exercise program that is tailored to their specific needs and goals. Surgery should be the last option, but too often patients think of surgery as a cure all and are eager to embark on it. Receiving care from a licensed physical therapist can further improve the odds that a patient can maintain their quality of life and avoid surgery.

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