A Practical Guide to Quality Improvement for Burn Care


5 why’s - this is an iterative interrogative technique. Each question forms the basis of the next question, always trying to get to the root of the problem.

Example from Richard’s project on improving pain relief.

Q: Why do few burn patients get adequate pain control before dressing changes? A: Because it is not always prescribed.


Q: Why is the pain medication not always prescribed? A: Because the doctors are not informed about the need for the prescription.

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Q: Why are doctors not informed? A: Because there are no clear guidelines and policies on dressing changes for burn wounds.

Q: Why does the hospital not have guidelines and policies on burn management? A: There has been no formal training for the members of staff in burns who were expected to formulate guidelines and they therefore lack enthusiasm and knowledge.

Q: Why has there been no formal training amongst key individuals on burn management? A: Lack of (financial) support or opportunity.


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