A Practical Guide to Quality Improvement for Burn Care


Olive & Ziphilly’s aim provides a great example of how to be as specific as possible. Making the objectives very concrete will help in the next steps when you develop the strategy for your change.

They could have been even more specific in formulating their aim to include what type of documentation and monitoring they mean for their specific hospital.


• Improving vital signs and fluid balance monitoring and documentation for HDU burn patients from 50.8% to 90% from January 2020 to March 2020 SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: • To provide adequate knowledge on fluid monitoring and balance to nurses working in burns HDU • To ensure availability of monitoring equipments in HDU • To reinforce nurses staff compliance on fluid monitoring and balance

Once you have created your SMART aim you might want to revisit who is in your team and identify any additional stakeholders who might be affected by your intervention. If you find that there are additional stakeholders who need to be involved you should consider approaching them at this stage to encourage them to get involved as early as possible.


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