A Practical Guide to Quality Improvement for Burn Care


At the start of the project you should work with your team to put together a realistic and itemised budget linked to the specific project objectives and activities. The budget should include any resources that you might need to collect or record the progress of your project i.e. paper, pens and printing costs. You should consider if purchasing additional items is really necessary and/or if there are alternative ways you can complete the project. If not, as a group you should note where extra money will come from. In cases where larger or more costly items are required you may need to consider working with your QI team to put a proposal together.

The project considered resources available at the hospital already which helped reduce overall costs.

Example: Budget example from Patricia’s hand hygiene project

No. Item / resource


Costs in local currency Provided by the hospital

1 Sink and running tap water in each room

For hand washing of patients and health workers

2 Alcohol based hand rub For hand cleaning by health workers and patients 3 Hand hygiene checklists To measure the changes/ collect data for evaluation 4 Lever arch files (x2) To keep data and the project documents 5 Plain papers (1 ream) For printing and photocopying the check lists, posters and project documents

Provided by the hospital

1000 Kwacha 6000 Kwacha 6000 Kwacha

6 Hand soap

For hand washing to remove microorganisms To paste on each sink and hand rub area to act as reminders

Provided by the hospital

5000 Kwacha



8 Permanent markers/ White board markers

To write when doing presentations

N/A already available

To use during progress meetings and presentations 5000 Kwacha

9 Flip charts

20,000 Kwacha

10 Printing Services

To print checklists, posters and documents For hand washing of patients and health workers

Buckets and basins to make additional hand washing stations

Some could be ordered from hospital stores Others had been previously donated to the unit.



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