A Practical Guide to Quality Improvement for Burn Care


Example : Richard also worked through PDSA cycles in his project.

A lack of patients that fit your study in the timeframe you established can be a challenge. Richard solved this by adding orthopaedic patients to his study for PDSA cycle 2.


PLAN Develop dressing guidelines Develop drug chart Orient stakeholders Empower patients to ask for pain control medication STUDY No need for new drug chart Drug was given at wrong time Few patients in burns unit Some patients still not being given medication Compare percentage of patients with effective pain control with baseline data TOP TIP It is important to consider as a unit or ward team how small incremental changes could help improve the system. Start your change small, escalate what works and stop anything which doesn’t work.

DO Interview patients Observe patients’ reaction Audit case files

ACT Offer more support to staff Reinforce initial interventions Orientate students Supportive supervision Include orthopaedic patients Take out new drug chart

Sometimes changes can be unnecessary, or can be done in an easier way than you anticipated. Richard designed a new drug chart, but realised after studying the results of his first PDSA cycle that they weren’t necessary.


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