A Practical Guide to Quality Improvement for Burn Care


Ephrem saw there were challenges to maintaining the change and made a strategy for sustaining: • The change management and sustaining those improvements is very difficult because some nurses or doctors will not keep to the changes and dressings will be done without screens and they will expose private parts while doing medical procedures, so in order to sustain changes regular staff meetings, close mentoring and regular follow up on the checklist is needed.

• Specific strategies to sustain change include:

• Maintaining the new routine - which means using the screen in dressing rooms. • Building motivation - through staff appreciation and appraisal. • Continuing to measure and report - prepare checklists in order to maintain usage of the screen in the ward even if the ward head nurse is not there. • Engage staff and management - at Friday meetings, increase awareness towards using the screen in the room.

Ephrem is covering most of the points mentioned above to consider for sustainability: engage all involved; communicate; keep monitoring the change; provide training; and have a clear sustainability strategy.

The new screen being used in the room during wound dressings.


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