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The Texas Workforce Commission administers Texas’s Unemployment tax. The Unemployment Tax program collects wage information and unemployment taxes from employers subject to the Texas Unemployment Compensation Act. The Texas Workforce Commission uses three employment categories: regular, domestic, and agricultural. Employer tax liability differs for each type of employment, visit Check your state laws to see if you are required to provide unemployment or workers’ compensation insurance for your employees. For health insurance options, call the Small Business Health Options program at (800) 706-7893 or visit healthcare. gov/small-businesses/employers . AssociationHealth Plans allowsmall businesses, including self- employedworkers, to band together by geography or industry to obtain healthcare coverage as if theywere a single large employer. For information, visit plans . Texas doesn’t requiremost private employers to haveworkers’ compensation insurance. Although private employerswho contract with the government are required to provideworkers’ compensation coverage for each employeeworking on the public project. Some private clientsmay also require their contractors to haveworkers’ compensation insurance. Environmental Regulations State assistance is available for small businesses that must comply with environmental regulations under the Clean Air Act. State Small Business Environmental Assistance programs provide free and confidential assistance to help small business owners understand and comply with environmental regulations and permitting requirements. These state programs can help bemp/unemployment-tax.html . Employee Insurance businesses reduce emissions at the source, often reducing regulatory burden and saving you money. To learn more about these free services visit . » Environmental Protection Agency Small Business Division has resources specifically tailored to help small businesses and local governments comply with environmental regulations which provide free, confidential assistance to help small business owners understand and comply with complex environmental regulations and permitting requirements. Accessibility & ADA Compliance For assistance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, call the ADA center at (800) 949-4232 or the Department of Justice at (800) 514-0301. Direct questions about accessible design and the ADA standards to the U.S. Access Board at (800) 872-2253, TTY (800) 993- 2822, or visit . Child Support Employers are essential to the success of the child support program and collect 75% of support nationwide through payroll deductions. You’re required to report all new and rehired employees to the State Directory of New Hires. If you have employees in two or more states, you may register with the Department of Health and Human

Kari Weigel provides educational services to rural communities through her Sylvan Learning Center in Fargo, ND, which she expanded with the help of SBA-backed financing.

Verification Form I-9. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service offers information and assistance through central . For forms, see . For the employer hotline call (888) 464-4218 or email E-Verify is the quickest way for employers to determine the employment eligibility of new hires by verifying the Social Security number and employment eligibility information reported on Form I-9. Visit , call (888) 464-4218 or email Health & Safety All businesses with employees are required to comply with state and federal regulations regarding the protection of employees, visit and . The Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides information on the specific health and safety standards used by the U.S. Department of Labor. Call (800) 321-6742 or visit .


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