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SBA guarantees help small business owners and entrepreneurs who are creditworthy but don’t qualify for conventional financing. If you cannot obtain a business loan with reasonable rates and terms, contact your local SBA Lender to see if you are eligible for SBA programs. The SBA works with participating lenders to reduce their risk, increasing the likelihood your loan will be approved with the terms that work best for you. The guarantee is conditional on the lender following SBA program requirements. Just like with any other loan, you make your loan payments directly to your lender in accordance with your terms.

Lender Match Find a lender interested in working with you at . This matching tool connects entrepreneurs with SBA Lenders in your area.

Small businesses power our economy.

The SBA powers small businesses.

During these uncertain times, we’re still here for you. Whether you’re in need of financial assistance or reworking your business plan, SBA has your back…because small business is our business.

Contact /sanantonio to learn how to move your business forward with confidence.


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